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  • Lessons learned and moving forward – building a business in a day

    … of a tweak and we are therefore on the road to achieving great things! Where’s The Woodpicker now? Since the #attamadness launch day, has been in the capable hands of Juliet with direction from Charlie. Thanks to messing my knee up on day one of my skiing holiday, I’ve also been able to put the odd hour in here and there too…

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  • Image copyright: what you MUST know in 2016

    … You want to make your blog post look nice with an attractive image, so you go and grab one from Google image search or buy one from a stock photo site. Little do you know you could later be hit by a claim for hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds. Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer nor legally trained. This post is intended to gather together…

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  • Get hired in 2016!

    … It is with great delight that we discovered just today, that Linked In has released their updated list (global and country-specific) of the 25 hottest skills of 2015! We always look forward to this list as it reinforces the major skills we, too, tend to look for in new hires. With big plans on the horizon this year, we are proud to announce…

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  • Charlie’s Quick Fire Reading List #12: calculated metrics & diacritics

    The first reading list for 2016 and on our brand spanking new website, what a pleasure! It’s been a while since my last reading list, what with the hell and delight that is the Christmas holiday period. To get my brain back into gear following my time off, I sat down to digest all of the articles that have been shared around the office over the past month or so.

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  • Key highlights from Google Accelerate 2015 #gpaccelerate

    … My latest Google adventure brought me to Dublin for the second annual Google Partners Accelerate conference last month. This brought together 235 selected agencies from as far afield as Dubai and South Africa and, like last year, the focus was on the changing digital landscape and the opportunities for the year ahead. It was thought provoking…

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  • My guide to productivity (sort of)

    … only half stand by. But the theory is that if you have a bomb site of a desk you’re always going to be thinking about tidying it in the back of your mind and you won’t fully commit to another task until it’s tidy. 4. Not leaving the biggest task until last I’m totally lying, I do this all the time. But you shouldn’t, it’s really bad. 5. INBOX ZERO…

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  • Best content marketing I’ve experienced this year

    … it was free business school for digital agencies. We were lucky enough to be selected as the only Scottish agency and one of only 20 across the UK (see coverage in The Scotsman below). I’ve spent four days at Google London over the last four months being trained by a (non-Googler) specialist who knows agency land like the back of his hand…

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  • My Experience With B2C Communication

    … of the biggest things that I want to share: Qualification It’s a simple yet often overlooked element of any communication. If you have something to say, not everyone is going to be interested or want to listen. Understanding what audiences are going to be receptive to your message, will go a long way to gaining a loyal customer. So…

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  • Happy New Year from the Attacat Team!

    …, generators and MeasureFest List #6: Quality score cats and natives List #7: Joel’s man crush and SEO in the future List #8: Tools, tools all the tools… and one cheeky blog post Our Advice for 2015 We love a wee chat so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want to natter about any of the things mentioned above. Our advice for 2015 is to stop…

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  • Award Winning Client – Drapers Independents 2014

    … When a client wins an award, it’s extremely satisfying to hear that you were a contributing factor to their hard won success. Last week, we had the pleasure of hearing that our client, A Hume, won both the Best Independent Multichannel Operator and the Independent Retailer of the Year. Both awards were picked up at the Drapers Independents Award…

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