The Content Code

  • Cracking the content code with Mark Schaefer

    … I’m an unabashed fan of Mark Schaefer and how he goes about his business. If you haven’t heard of Mark, he is a globally-recognised author, speaker, educator, podcaster and business consultant who blogs at {grow} – one of the top marketing blogs in the world. He’s the author of five best-selling books, including Social Media Explained…

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  • Change the Channel to Ignite Content

    … By Jeffrey Slater, {grow} Community Member After reading Mark’s new book, The Content Code, I became inspired to think about how I could ignite content on my blog where I provide marketing advice and coaching to small businesses. Could I use some of the book’s principles to get my work to move a little, and get it in front of a larger audience…

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  • Behind the scenes: How to write a business book

    … the basis for the research I needed to do to answer the question with completeness and authority. I created an Evernote file for each chapter in the outline to collect ideas, resources, people to interview. I ended up with hundreds of paths to pursue but only the best and most relevant made it into the final book. I employed a part-time intern…

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