The Conversation Economy

  • Integrations (and Metaservices) For The Win

    … for their particular purpose (eBay for auctions, Google for search, OpenTable for restaurant reservations, etc). But these services simply don’t communicate with each other, nor collaborate in a fashion that creates a robust or evolving ecosystem. The rise of the app economy exacerbates the problem – most apps live in their own closed world, sharing data…

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  • The Next Stage of Mobile Quickening: Links Get Intelligent

    … How Branch Metrics works…click to enlarge. Early in a conversation with Alex Austin, CEO of mobile startup Branch Metrics, I had to interrupt and ask what seemed like a really dumb question. “So, wait, Alex, you’re telling me that the essence of your company’s solution is that it….makes sure a link works?” Alex had heard the question before…

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  • Every Company Is An Experience Company

    … to get good at experience design and delivery. Those that are great at it tend to grow by exponential word of mouth – think of Google, Facebook, Uber, Airbnb, or Earnest (a new lending company). When marketing becomes experience design, brands win. There’s far more to say about this, including my thesis that “information first” companies win…

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  • NewCo New York 2014: My Chairman’s Picks To Visit

    … something really important when it comes to the conversation economy – connecting brands to truly loyal customers. Day Two, Thursday, October 2 9 am - ‘wichcraft. Ya gotta throw in a few curveballs at any NewCo. This is a food purveyor, one I’ve never heard of. But they focus on local and seasonal ingredients, and it’s always good to start your day…

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  • My 2014 NewCo SF Schedule: Hard Choices

    … bike,” which PUBLIC Bikes creates right in the heart of SF. And while I know folks at SV Angel, I’ve actually never seen their space. It will have to wait till next year, alas! 1.30 pm – Earnest. When someone leaves Andreessen Horowitz to start a mission-driven company, you know he or she must be pretty, well, driven. In this session, I get…

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