The Conversation Economy

  • Integrations (and Metaservices) For The Win

    … for their particular purpose (eBay for auctions, Google for search, OpenTable for restaurant reservations, etc). But these services simply don’t communicate with each other, nor collaborate in a fashion that creates a robust or evolving ecosystem. The rise of the app economy exacerbates the problem – most apps live in their own closed world, sharing data…

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  • The Next Stage of Mobile Quickening: Links Get Intelligent

    … How Branch Metrics works…click to enlarge. Early in a conversation with Alex Austin, CEO of mobile startup Branch Metrics, I had to interrupt and ask what seemed like a really dumb question. “So, wait, Alex, you’re telling me that the essence of your company’s solution is that it….makes sure a link works?” Alex had heard the question before…

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  • Every Company Is An Experience Company

    … Illustration by Craig Swanson and idea by James Cennamo (Image) Some years ago while attempting to explain the thinking behind my then-startup Federated Media, I wrote that all brands are publishers (it was over on the FM blog, which the new owners apparently have taken down – a summary of my thinking can be found here). I’d been speechifying…

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  • NewCo New York 2014: My Chairman’s Picks To Visit

    … something really important when it comes to the conversation economy – connecting brands to truly loyal customers. Day Two, Thursday, October 2 9 am - ‘wichcraft. Ya gotta throw in a few curveballs at any NewCo. This is a food purveyor, one I’ve never heard of. But they focus on local and seasonal ingredients, and it’s always good to start your day…

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  • My 2014 NewCo SF Schedule: Hard Choices

    …. Also, the session is taking the form of a pitch session, where entrepreneurs in the Tumml program pitch the audience. That should be a blast. Runners Up: Bloomberg and Blossom Coffee. I went to Bloomberg last year and loved seeing behind the scenes of how TV gets made. And who doesn’t need a good cup of Joe at 9 am?! 10:30 am – Lemnos Labs…

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