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    • How to ENJOY Sales, Without Feeling Cheesy, Manipulative & Gross (FS227)

      The whole “sales” thing has been a little bit wrecked by used car salesmen, Glengarry Glen Ross and old dudes in suits in weird hotel ballrooms. In the online business world, there’s a lot more fun shiny stuff to talk about than real deal selling. Sometimes we inadvertently make content creation the sun around which our entire businesses orbit, as if churning out enough conte ...

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    • 10 Ways to Cut Internet Distractions so You Can Focus on What Really Matters (FS228)

      As an independent entrepreneur, your business lives or dies on the progress you make week in, week out. Let’s talk about some EFFECTIVE ways to stay focused on things that matter. Avoiding distractions is utterly essential to your success, but that little device in your pocket… yea, that one… the one with the screen and the apps and the notifications… that thing is hungry, ...

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    • Are Pursuing Your Business, Creativity or Project Enough? (FS225)

      As an independent, a full time indie-entrepreneur, a maker of things that sell, a creator of my own wealth, a designer of my own creativity over time, I feel a strong call to do more things my way for the results I want. Which, for many of us, seems to beg this question: can you give more of yourself over to being a creator? Often times I hear it referred to as “pursuing comp ...

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  • Why You Don’t Feel Confident (& How to Fix it) FS224

    …, the optimism. We need to turn up the “this MIGHT work” and turn down the “this might NOT work.” Ok, so first of all, here’s what you need to do right now: You need to listen to this podcast episode. I don’t care if you “aren’t a podcast listener.” Get a podcast app on your phone, find The Fizzle Show and click to listen to this episode as you go…

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  • How to Become a Successful Maker Without Destroying Yourself (FS223)

    No matter what kind of business you’re thinking of starting, you have got to solve a REAL problem with a REAL solution. We tear apart this idea in depth with Dan and Tom from Studio Neat, makers of fine, modern physical products. They’ve just launched a brand new (and very unique) notebook on Kickstarter, and it hit it’s goal in just a few hours.

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  • Here’s One Tip That Will Make Your Podcast Interviews Excellent (FS222)

    … into more of your content. You simply have to hear this tip in action… honestly, it makes it so easy to understand. In the podcast episode here Steph shows us three moments in her own show where she used this trick to find “the moment” for each of her guests. It’s better to listen on the go! Subscribe on iTunes Subscribe (how to) iTunes Overcast…

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  • How to be a Lifetime Creative in a World Where Work Gets Stolen (FS221)

    …. A great episode for any of us who want to be lifetime creatives. Enjoy! It’s better to listen on the go! Subscribe on iTunes Subscribe (how to) iTunes Overcast Pocket Casts Stitcher Soundcloud RSS “How to be a lifetime creative (in a world where work gets stolen)” Tweet This Show Notes: Watch — Everything is a Remix: Tim's Vermeer HD Trailer – YouTube Brain Pickings – An inventory of the meaningful life. …

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  • Client Relationships — What to Do When Things Go Wrong (FS220)

    … ourselves, but if it’s worth it to try to work this out, then goddamit let’s try hard to do so. Lots more on that one in the podcast conversation. Don’t miss it, FYI. These notes are just a few of the gems we land on. 2. Go above and beyond to truly empathize and show the customer you hear what they’re saying. start your sentiment with, “ugh, I…

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  • How to Create a Fail-proof Mastermind Group

    … episodes of the Fizzle show, sharing personal stories and more to really get these ideas taking root in you. Enjoy! It’s better to listen on the go! Subscribe on iTunes Subscribe (how to) iTunes Overcast Pocket Casts Stitcher Soundcloud RSS Wrong mix of people Having the wrong cast of characters in your group is one of the number one reasons…

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  • Tips On Using Medium as a Blogging Channel to Grow An Audience (FS217)

    … Jonas Ellison spent the last year growing an audience on, and it worked… accidentally. On the show today you’re going to hear tangible tips about, which will help you decide if you should use this growing platform to grow an audience. There are some new features on Medium that make both Corbett and Chase do a bit…

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  • How Indie Entrepreneurs Should Plan Vacations (FS216)

    … of vacation. the staycation or “digital detox” the shorter "do no work" vacation the longer "do some work" vacation sabbatical living abroad paternity/maternity/family leave Many entrepreneurs have a hard time ALLOWING themselves to let go. Here’s a message from Fizzler Penny Hawes in the Member Community about this: What…

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  • The Energizer Planning Method to Get Your Year Back on Track (FS215)

    … you through each of these in detail in the podcast, but here’s a simplified list of the steps necessary. 1. DEFINE BIG PICTURE STATE OF THE BUSINESS: We always start with the big picture view because you need to be clear on where you are before you figure out where you need to go. For us at Fizzle, we score ourselves on the following categories…

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  • No Progress After a Full Year? This Might be Why (FS214)

    … Is the work you’re doing towards your goal working at all? What if you’ve been working for several months and don’t have much to show for it? Is this normal? Is this how it works at first? Speaking of normal, what is normal!? What kind of results should you be expecting? Today on the show we talk about several places you can look to diagnose…

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  • How do You Balance Life & Business? (FS213)

    … supposed to eat healthy. I’m supposed to be present. I’m supposed to make enough time for my family. Oh yea, I’m supposed sleep well too. It feels like A LOT, like too much, if I’m honest. So, it was amazing to see this topic brought up on the Fizzle forums by Xenia Ferraro who asked: How do you balance your life? She adds: “how in the world…

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  • CEO-ing Your Business: The 3 Metrics that Matter (FS212)

    … them on a regular basis. In today’s episode of The Fizzle Show we explain how to play CEO in your business, and the metrics you should follow to keep tabs on everything. It’s better to listen on the go! Subscribe on iTunes Subscribe (how to) iTunes Overcast Pocket Casts Stitcher Soundcloud RSS But first, we should also mention…

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  • The Inception of a Wildly Successful Lifestyle Business (FS210)

    …. It’s that last one we want to dive into today. How does success in lifestyle business actually happen? What are the steps and stages? What are the red flags to watch for? What are the common mistakes and the truly important things? So, on the show today we have two very special guests — John and Dana Shultz from Minimalist Baker. They’re…

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