The Minority Report

"The Minority Report" is a 1956 science fiction short story by Philip K. Dick, first published in Fantastic Universe. The story is about a future society where murders are prevented through the efforts of three mutants who can see the future. Paradoxes and alternate realities are created by the precognition of crimes when the chief of police intercepts a precognition that he is about to murder a man he has never met. The story also touches upon the dangers of a powerful post-war military during peacetime. Like many stories dealing with knowledge of future events, "The Minority Report" questions the existence of free will.
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  • The Internet of Things Is Already Here – and There’s Nothing You Can Do About It

    … K. Dick’s classic novel “The Minority Report” hit theaters 12 years ago (man, has it really been that long?), advertisers have been fantasizing about the eerily prescient advertisements that targeted individuals based on retinal scans and vast databases of personal information. We may still be some ways off from that particular dystopia…

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