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    • How San Angelo LIVE! Makes Programmatic Work in West Texas

      Former Air Force bomber pilot Joe Hyde founded San Angelo LIVE! in 2013 after deciding that the “cubicle culture” in the ad sales department at the Dallas Morning News didn’t suit his restless business ambitions. He was growing S.A. LIVE! steadily, using “crime and crashes” coverage to attract audience that would help pay for strong but more-expensive-to-produce civic and cultural stories.

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    • Local News Is Struggling — But Handouts From Digital Giants Aren’t the Answer

      Two very smart thinkers about the future of American journalism — Steve Waldman and Emily Bell — have called for Facebook and other hugely prosperous digital enterprises to pay reparations for what their success is allegedly costing journalism and democracy. I’ve worked in journalism all my life, but I don’t buy Waldman and Bell’s arguments.

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  • Google’s AMP Pages Speed Mobile, But Publisher Control Remains a Big Issue

    Today’s smartphone has more calculating power than the IBM Deep Blue supercomputer that outwitted world chess champion Garry Kasparov 20 years ago. But don’t tell that to the mobile devotee who has to wait 19 seconds for his device to load last week’s widely reported article-video about a 26-year-old adventurer who successfully scaled the supposedly hardened fence surrounding the White House.

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  • Zuckerberg Raises the Right Questions – Local News Should Answer Them

    … newspapers are trusted four times more than Facebook as new sources (55.3% to 13.7%). Other local news sites — the pure-plays — are also trusted more than Facebook. Why don’t local newspapers and pure-plays capitalize on their relatively high trust? Why aren’t they confident enough to answer Zuckerberg’s questions themselves? They could begin by framing…

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  • Investment Firms Come to the Forefront Among Owners of Local Newspapers

    … at state mental facilities after staffing cutbacks. Another involved Community News Holdings Inc. upgrading state and regional coverage in states where it has the most papers. But the book said such collaboration is rare – anywhere in the local newspaper industry – and faulted both New Media/Gatehouse and CNHI for closing unprofitable papers…

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  • With $200k Boost, LION Aims to Take ‘Indie’ News to Next Level

    … association. Four and a half years later, local news is at a conflicted juncture that can breed both pessimism and hope. The darker side is compellingly captured in this new Guardian report by a longtime veteran of local news. The brighter side is the growth of independent sites, including the nearly 140 in LION, which are attracting, collectively…

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  • Should Local News Should Open Its Heart to Emojis?

    … their Facebook pages, but engagement there often doesn’t rise above the level of “likes.” Examples of emoji packages offered by MojiLaLa, at prices that range from free to $1.99, can be found here, here and here. The company, whose goal is to become “the Netflix for stickers,” offers an unlimited amount of 12,000+ emojis, including animated, for $1.99…

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  • Local Media Consortium Signs 6 Revenue Partners, Adds More TV Stations

    … of time making sure people understand the value of local news and the value of local advertising, even while we pursue programmatic and other large national strategies. Tom Grubisich (@TomGrubisich) writes “The New News” column for Street Fight. He is editorial director of hyperlocal news network Local America, and is also working on a book about the history, present, and future of Charleston, S.C. …

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  • Can Chat Apps Help Local Papers ‘Talk’ Their Way Out of Distress?

    … they have to do is turn just a fraction of those millions of Internet users into readers on their own digital real estate. Esfand Pourmand, SVP of Hearst Newspapers Digital, defined the challenge and opportunity in a recent Q & A with “The New News”: “There is definitely value in the scale of the audience,” he said. “We know Facebook, Google…

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