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  • Google’s AMP Pages Speed Mobile, But Publisher Control Remains a Big Issue

    … and marketers adding coding to HTML page markup for advertising features such as “beacons” aimed at putting more users on the Holy Grail of the “customer’s journey.” To give users around the world better experiences with their omnipresent devices, Google in February 2016 launched its open-source “Accelerated Mobile Pages” (AMP) — an auspicious…

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  • How San Angelo LIVE! Makes Programmatic Work in West Texas

    … and we’re more focused on search-engine optimizatio and getting more email subscribers. We need to make the user experience on our website so good that people will visit San Angelo LIVE! directly without using social media as an intermediary. The new mantra for local news is user sessions over pageviews. To extend sessions, what did you do? Ezoic’s…

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  • Local News Is Struggling — But Handouts From Digital Giants Aren’t the Answer

    …. First, here’s what Waldman proposes in his New York Times op-ed: “If the leaders of [Facebook, Google, Verizon and Apple] put the equivalent of just 1 percent of their profits, for five years, to the cause, local American journalism would be transformed for the next century. “That would be $4.4 billion — enough to establish a permanent endowment…

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  • Investment Firms Come to the Forefront Among Owners of Local Newspapers

    … Investment companies – which have no deep roots in community publishing – have become the dominant owners of local daily newspapers in the U.S. Today seven investment entities control 349 dailies, well ahead of either the 196 belonging to long-established private publishers that include companies like Hearst and Advance Publications or the 161…

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  • With $200k Boost, LION Aims to Take ‘Indie’ News to Next Level

    … association. Four and a half years later, local news is at a conflicted juncture that can breed both pessimism and hope. The darker side is compellingly captured in this new Guardian report by a longtime veteran of local news. The brighter side is the growth of independent sites, including the nearly 140 in LION, which are attracting, collectively…

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  • Should Local News Should Open Its Heart to Emojis?

    … the spectrum of social media – all the things that Loberg says her MojiLaLa can do. Loberg says she can provide various types of minority-driven emoji packs. She does not have one related to undocumented immigrants, but could commission an artist to create one for a fee. MojiLaLa’s prices for an emoji package for a small local news operation would range…

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  • Local Media Consortium Signs 6 Revenue Partners, Adds More TV Stations

    … The Local Media Consortium is making major strategic changes and more are on the way as the group seeks to strengthen the revenue power of its members, who represent a big chunk of the embattled digital local news industry. In its earliest days, the Consortium, which was founded in September 2013, heavily promoted the reach of its 50 members…

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