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  • How To Run A Great Marketing Brainstorm: The Creative Warm-Up

    …What is a brainstorm? Since the inception of the term in 1948, brainstorming has been the most powerful tool for creative problem solving for designers and marketers. The brainstorming process has been adjusted and reworked by many, but the core principles have remained intact. The term brainstorm elicits a vivid image of a storm of ideas…

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  • Executing a Successful Local PPC Strategy

    … Local PPC is a topic seldom discussed in the digital marketing sphere, and that’s a problem. There are many businesses which depend on potential customers among the local population to physically enter a specific location and spend money; restaurants and service shops are two of the most prominent examples. For many of these businesses investing…

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  • Total Marketing Wellness: The Health of Your Marketing

    … approach isn’t so much ground-breaking. There’s no marketer or agency or exec that’s going to tell you they focus on one quick-fix solution at a time. But just like the WebMD enthusiast patient, if your doctor isn’t asking “why?”, you may want a second opinion. The post Total Marketing Wellness: The Health of Your Marketing appeared first on Portent. …

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