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    • SPI 304: Building an Online Course From Start to Finish

      Last year I built three online courses—premium courses that people paid for—as well as a fourth free course. They’ve been working like gangbusters: In 2017 I earned $1 million in revenue from online courses alone. Online courses have been an incredible experience for me, and today I’m sharing the ten steps you can take to create life-changing online courses for your audience.

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    • SPI 305: The Funnel After the Funnel with Nicole Walters

      Today’s special guest is Nicole Walters of, who’s talking about the funnel after the funnel, what that is, and why it’s so critical to her mindset and success. We’ll also be talking about how she quit her job . . . in front of a live audience! Since then, she’s built a seven-figure business while being an amazing mother too.

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    • SPI 303: How a Loan Signing Agent Built a $30K per Month Business

      As outlined in my book, Will It Fly?, validation is key, and with me today are two guests who have used that strategy to build an incredible business: Mark Wills and Roman Rosario of Loan Signing System. [Full Disclosure: As an affiliate, I receive compensation if you purchase through this link.] What started as a simple idea turned into a robust online business that’s changed ...

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  • SPI 300: Meet the Mastermind Members in “The Green Room”

    … Today we’re talking about The Green Room, a six-member mastermind group that I’ve been a part of for years. Leslie Samuel, Michael Stelzner, Cliff Ravenscraft, Mark Mason, Ray Edwards, and myself—we get together to hold each other accountable, set goals, meet those goals, and be brutally honest with each other. Today I’m celebrating my 300th…

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  • SPI 299: The Humble Beginnings of Hmong Baby

    … into their businesses. I want to go in and be the top search result for things like “passive income,” “how to build a business,” and “how to work from home.” Head over to to subscribe. I’m going to be launching five videos a week, starting in February. See you there! Thanks for Listening! To share your thoughts: Leave…

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  • SPI 298: Before Your New Year Begins . . .

    … Today’s episode is a very special one, and it’s just you and me. We’re closing in on the end of the year, and there’s a lot to talk about. This time is a great opportunity to reflect on the past year and what’s to come for the year ahead. Hopefully you’re already thinking about 2018 and the things you’re going to try, what you’re going…

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  • SPI 297: Looking Back at 2017—What Went Well, What Did Not

    … This episode is all about learning from mistakes. Last week we talked about my plans for 2018—well, a lot of the lessons I learned this year resulted in those plans. Today, I’m sharing those lessons with you, not just as an example of what not to do, but to reveal what decisions I made for 2018 because of those experiences. Today I’m talking…

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  • SPI 294: 21 Top Places to Include an Affiliate Link

    … So, you have the perfect affiliate product and you’re excited to tell your audience all about it. The only thing is . . . where do you put that affiliate link? This is the episode you’re going to want to listen to, because it’ll tell you exactly where you should be putting your affiliate products (and where you’re probably not putting them…

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  • SPI 288: Interview with Bec and Joe from The 4 Blades

    … This is a fun one! I’m sitting down with Bec and Joe Winston, the brains behind The 4 Blades, a brand in a niche that I never knew existed. What is that niche? It’s a kitchen appliance called the Thermomix. You’ve probably never heard of Thermomixes, but Bec and Joe have built a vibrant digital publication, podcast, and community around them…

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