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The Washington Post (WP) is an American daily newspaper. It is the most widely circulated newspaper published in Washington, D.C., and was founded in 1877, making it the area's oldest extant newspaper.Located in the capital city of the United States, the newspaper has a particular emphasis on national politics. Daily editions are printed for the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia. The newspaper is published as a broadsheet, with photographs printed both in color and in black and white. In 2008, Marcus Brauchli replaced long-time executive editor Leonard Downie, Jr., serving publisher Katharine Weymouth.
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  • 12 companies hit with a Google manual penalty

    …. Google AdWords Google AdWords was found guilty of cloaking in July 2010. A spokesperson stated that, “some Google support pages were inadvertently showing different content to the Google crawler than to users.” So again, this is more of an accident, but to set an example Google still punished itself with degraded ranks for an unknown period of time. …

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  • YouTube Announces #voteIRL ‘Get Out the Vote’ Campaign

    … YouTube announced its “get out the vote” campaign for the 2016 U.S. election season. The campaign is called #voteIRL, and it will see popular YouTube creators publish videos encouraging their viewers to register to vote. YouTube said it gathered a group of users together and registered to vote in all 50 states, and it determined that it takes…

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  • Instagram Providing Users With Better Moderation Tools

    … nuanced tools for users to moderate their comments and pages. The new tool, which launched last month, allowed power users and celebrities to moderate their comments by blacklisting specific phrases, emojis and users. According to The Washington Post, Instagram will soon make the moderation tool available to all users. Instagram head of public…

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  • More Competition Means Fewer Shares All Around (Report)

    … Sharing is one of the most meaningful actions a user can take on a social media site. In an analysis of the 1 million most shared articles from the first six months of this year, BuzzSumo and Fractl examined activity on the top social networks and offered insights into the most popular publishers on the web. As has been the case for many years…

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  • Why Hard News Is Thriving on Facebook

    … web from its original sharer to other channels. With The Washington Post now publishing all its stories—more than 1,200 per day—on Instant Articles, one has to wonder what influence that decision has had on the publication’s stellar Facebook performance as of late. The Post was the 14th most engaged publisher on Facebook in December, but came…

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  • Facebook Extends Instant Articles to All Android Users

    …, Elle, Express, Focus, Handelsblatt, The Huffington Post Germany, MOPO24, N-TV, Promiflash, RP-Online, Spiegel, Sport1, Stern, Tagesschau, Tagesspiegel, WAZ, WELT, Wired,, Zeit Ghana: Allsports, Pulse Ghana Israel: Haaretz Italy: Il Corriere della Sera, Il Fatto Quotidiano,, L’Huffington Post, La Repubblica, La Stampa, Libero…

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  • Should You Swear? 4 Things for Writers to Consider

    … reported to the public.” The thing to know is that, for reasons mentioned previously, the overall journalistic shift is towards inclusion of profane quotes. Last year The American Journalism Review listed The New York Times and the Associated Press among many traditional organizations updating their policies. In the article, AP standards editor…

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