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  • [Video] How to A/B Test in Real Time

    … the losing creative with the winner. This ensures that everyone on your email list gets the best possible experience and maximizes your email marketing ROI. Want to learn more? Watch this video from our product marketing strategist, Steven Joya, about how to use Movable Ink’s platform to set up a real-time A/B test for your email campaign: This entry was posted in Email Marketing, thINK Email and tagged Email Marketing, think email, tips and tricks, video on Wednesday, July 29th, 2015 by Leah Kovach.…

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  • [VIDEO] How to Add Live Website Content to an Email

    Imagine if you opened an email and, instead of just a static sale, you saw an up-to-date Pinterest page or Facebook page. Rather than visiting a brand’s channels individually, you could see the latest content from social media networks and websites alike – all from the inbox. That’s exactly what web cropping does.

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  • 5 Horrible Subject Lines and Why They Fail So Spectacularly

    … This is a guest post from Zach Watson of TechnologyAdvice. When it comes to marketing emails, consumers actually don’t mind them much. Some 60% of consumers say they read marketing emails, but only 16% do so with any kind of regularity. Why the huge dropoff? Because in their haste to send off the next email blast, marketers too often employ…

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  • The One Thing That’s Getting Your Emails Marked as Spam

    … that the webmail providers agreed was more important: User Behavior: The Ultimate Spam Test Across the board, the consensus was that the metrics webmail providers used to lost email campaigns as spam are a lot different than what marketers think about when it comes to success. – confusing Rather than opens and clicks, webmail providers like Gmail look…

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