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  • The Impact of Micro-Moments on the Consumer Journey

    … very new the idea of micro-moments is in the digital marketing world. Think with Google leads the charge on researching the ways smartphone technology revolutionizes the digital marketing space. Do a cursory google search on micro-moments, and you’ll find that they occur when people reflexively: Turn to a device – increasingly a smartphone…

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  • Why 2017 Will Be the Year of the ‘Micro Moment’

    … Think With Google, the educational arm of the search giant, recently released its take on Google’s Year in Search for 2016. The annual retrospective of all the biggest search trends from the previous year showed that consumers were feeling unsettled by political upheavals and epidemics. Simultaneously, consumers also embraced “near me…

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  • How Marketers Can Convert Mobile Shoppers Into Sales

    … to purchase from, and then along the way found another business with a better deal. According to Think with Google, this is the experience for 76% of mobile shoppers. Mobile Shoppers Have Lower Brand Loyalty ­– With the ability to instantly check pricing, availability, and other options for similar products and services, mobile shoppers can find a better…

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  • Content Length: Attention Spans Versus Engagement

    … on the YouTube Ads Leaderboard in 2014 averaged three minutes Tweet This! – an increase of 47% vs. 2013. And none of the top ads in 2014 and 2015 were under a minute. Ben Jones, Think With Google So for a decade, when asked “How long?”, I’ve always said long enough to tell the story and no longer. For our clients, that’s lead to us publishing less…

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  • Digital Marketers: It’s Time for Mobile-First Measurement (Report)

    … goals and your measurement KPIs (key performance indicators), it hinders your ability to drive the results you really want. Personalization and cross-platform promotion are also essential areas of focus for the present and future of businesses. Closing the gap between platforms, devices and shopping/research sessions, in addition to the online/offline…

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  • Report: 30-Second Video Ads Foster Deeper Audience Connection

    … Video ad performance is increasing rapidly, and more advertisers are starting to realize the power of visual media. While many advertisers know video is almost always better than display ads when it comes to brand recall, there’s still a lot that can be optimized. A report from Think With Google examines the impact of video length on marketing…

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  • Report: People Have Watched 110 Million Hours of Election Coverage on YouTube

    The lead up to the November presidential elections started around this time last year, and it may be one of the most socially-powered election seasons of all time. Not only are social media users engaging with political candidates, they’re using social to make donations and changing the nature of whole campaigns.

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  • How to win on Black Friday: insights into store traffic trends

    This holiday season, shoppers will turn to their most important shopping assistant — their smartphone — to research, browse and compare products in countless moments throughout the day. This is especially true as shoppers head into stores for one of the biggest shopping weeks of the year. In fact, mobile searches per user were 11% higher in electronics stores and 8% higher in ...

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  • Micro-Moments and Customer Journeys

    …% of smartphone users look up something they saw in a television commercial. I want to go moments – 200% increase in “near me” searches and 82% of smartphone users use a search engine to look for a local business. I want to do moments – 91% of smartphone users turn to their phones for ideas while doing a task and over 100 million hours of how…

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  • 3 Technology Trends that Marketers Should Watch in 2015

    … campaigns instantly to increase the value they have to their prospects and customers. This new world of connected things is the centerpiece of Google’s latest infographic on the three technology trends that marketers need to watch in 2015. From Think With Google At the start of every year, we all try to predict what’s to come. What trends will shape…

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