• 10 Top Location-Based Marketing Campaigns of 2015

    … and a 500 percent increase in mobile site traffic — and brought in more than a few new patients, too. Thinknear and Whole Foods Geo-Conquest Rival Grocers: The gourmet uber-market used location data to improve post-click conversion rates for its mobile ads, while edging out local competitors. It tapped Thinknear to place geofences around a number…

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  • LBMA Podcast: SocialRadar’s LocationKit, Geoconquesting in Real Life

    … LBMA Podcast: SocialRadar’s LocationKit, Geoconquesting in Real Life May 22, 2015 by Asif Khan Leave a Comment Filed Under: On Location Welcome to This Week in Location Based Marketing, a weekly video podcast from the Location Based Marketing Association. On the show: Fujitsu’s Ubiquitouswear; SocialRadar’s LocationKit; Domino’s order…

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  • Report: More Than Half of Mobile Location Data is Inaccurate

    … Report: More Than Half of Mobile Location Data is Inaccurate May 14, 2015 by Steven Jacobs Leave a Comment Filed Under: Field Notes Its been a banner year for the mobile advertising, but the industry still faces structural issues that could inhibit growth. To wit: the growing importance of programmatic buying, where marketers buy media via…

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  • Study: Mobile’s Data Problem Is Getting Worse

    … three months as publishers move more inventory to programmatic environments. The report, released by Thinknear, the mobile advertising subsidiary of mapping giant Telenav, found that of the 68% of mobile ad impressions which include a latitude-longitude, only 37% of those coordinates are accurate to 100 meters (roughly the size of a football field…

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  • Could the Mobile Ad Industry Spin off a Data Business?

    … By now, Duncan McCall is probably ready to leave Las Vegas. When I spoke with McCall, the chief executive of mobile advertising firm PlaceIQ, on Monday, he was embarking on a two-day long sales trip to the Consumer Electronics Show pitching thirty or so brand marketers on the virtues of the company’s technology. In preparation, the company…

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  • Significantly Insignificant: The ‘Absurd Precision’ of Location Marketing

    … Precision can be a tool for truth, but it can also be used to convincingly stretch the truth. People intuitively assume that very precise numbers are for some reason more accurate than less precise numbers. It’s what we were all taught in high school math and science classes. That’s why we call the digits following the decimal place “significant…

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  • Grading Street Fight’s 2014 Predictions

    … recognize that the current model atrophied as it scaled. But surprise: following the sale of Patch, Comcast resurrected Everyblock, its more data-driven take on a hyperlocal community site. The cable giant plans to expand the project from a small pilot to neighborhoods in Boston, Houston and Florida. Meanwhile, the Sun-Times launched its own…

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  • Thinknear Chief: ‘No Doubt’ That Consolidation Coming in Mobile Ads

    …, particularly with our Telanav parent and the different technologies we can bring to bear, are giving ourselves a really good opportunity to be one of those winners. Is that consolidation going to start happening soon? Even within Telenav we look at other companies we think might be interesting. I’m not going to give you any names [laughs] but we’re looking…

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