Thought Leadership

A thought leader is an individual or firm that is recognized as an authority in a specialized field and whose expertise is sought and often rewarded. The term was coined in 1994 by Joel Kurtzman, editor-in-chief of the Booz & Co magazine Strategy & Business, and used to designate interview subjects for that magazine who had business ideas which merited attention.It can also have a negative connotation due to its similarity with dystopian elements found in the George Orwell novel Nineteen Eighty-Four which includes thoughtcrime and thought police.
Posts about Thought Leadership
    • How the World’s Top CEOs Use Social Media

      Thought leadership gets a lot of flak in marketing circles. Some of it is fair. “Thought leadership” is jargon for something companies have done forever: trying to position their executives as influential leaders. But just because it’s a new way to refer to an old technique doesn’t mean it’s not effective. New technology has just changed how it’s done.

      Dillon Baker/ The Content Strategistin Social How To's- 20 readers -
    • The Social Media Survival Guide Your Boss Needs

      This post was originally published on Medium. Quick poll: How many people do you know who aren’t on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook? With social networks closing in on 3 billion users, social media has become a daily habit for almost everyone. Except, of course, for CEOs—61 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs have no social media presence whatsoever.

      Hootsuitein Social- 15 readers -
  • Power of Emotion: 8 Foundations to a More Human Brand

    … for dynamic, real-time content marketing. Building something bigger than yourself and engaging your audience and customers in it as well. Need more help? Social Profit Factor Training Academy and Marketing Nutz Can Help! Check out our new comprehensive online social media and branding training academy, the Social Profit Factor, that will help…

    Pam Moore/ Pam Marketing Nutin Social Content- 18 readers -
  • Why Every Marketer Needs to Care About Content Strategy

    … a content strategy. However, 88% of them know content marketing is critical so they dedicate budget and resources towards creating and publishing even though they don’t have a plan. This kind of approach can be dangerous and undermine content marketing efforts, especially when many teams are in a constant state of needing to prove their value…

    Visual.lyin Content- 18 readers -
  • Why Every Marketer Needs to Care About Content Strategy

    … It goes without saying that in this day of age, no successful marketing program can survive without content. And each year, the competition to grab the attention of consumers gets fiercer and fiercer. But it’s not about producing as much content as your budget can afford, even if that’s what your competitors are doing. Quality Over Quantity…

    Visual.lyin Content- 23 readers -
  • Introducing the Content Marketing Maturity Map

    … represents an operation that is versatile (much like the city it calls home, Toronto) and results-driven. Lastly, the highest level of maturity is represented by the Taj Mahal – an architectural marvel – to showcase a predictive content marketing strategy that is so robust, and built on a strategy so detailed that personalization and automation make…

    Visual.lyin Content- 15 readers -
  • Why Marketers Struggle to Hire the Best Freelance Writers

    … to track and improve the quality of the work that contributors submit. But the perception about professional background still remains and inhibits customer success. The issue gets even more complicated depending on the type of branded content. For example, where does expertise come into play for thought leadership? What about ghostwriting…

    The Content Strategist- 34 readers -
  • Why You Need Long-form Storytelling to Become a Thought Leader

    This is a preview/snippet from our piece: Without Long-form Storytelling, You Will Never be a Thought Leader. Thought leadership, within the context of content marketing, exists to change and influence perspective. This is also why stories exist – and humans thrive on stories. Anecdotes fuel conversation. 22 readers -
  • What an $85 Watermelon Taught Me About Building a Billion-Dollar Business

    … their offering to better meet demand. Yes, this requires more work and sometimes means going back to the drawing board—but that’s the nature of growing a business. But this isn’t always easy. I’ve experienced the pull of inertia firsthand at Hootsuite. From the beginning, we offered an “enterprise-level” version of our social media management platform…

    Hootsuitein Social- 21 readers -
  • Why Digital Natives Need Social Media Training Just Like Everyone Else

    … Today’s college students are digital natives. An 18-year-old entering her college freshman year this fall was around six years old when Facebook was released and around eight years old when the world met Twitter. Because college students can barely remember a time before social media, many are beaming with confidence about their social media…

    Hootsuitein Social- 28 readers -
  • Keeping Your Business Safe on Social—Expert Tips from Proofpoint

    … We talk a lot about the opportunities offered by social media, but there’s no denying that there are serious risks that come along with it too. From a damaged reputation to financial losses, there are many ways that social media could potentially end up being more harmful than helpful. Luckily it’s not all doom and gloom. We spoke with David Chan…

    Hootsuite- 16 readers -
  • 5 Tips for a Successful Social Curation Campaign

    … with video attracts 300 percent more traffic and infographics attract up to 832 percent more shares. The social web is becoming increasingly media-driven, and tapping into the power of multimedia will boost your reach beyond expectations. People don’t trust branded content like they trust the authenticity of user-generated posts. Yotpo, a platform…

    AllTwitterin Social- 20 readers -
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