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    • 7 Highly Effective People Reveal Their Favorite Productivity Hacks

      Warning: if you're always feeling highly productive, know your goals and priorities and not even the combination of crying babies, barking dogs and unreliable internet connection could distract you, this episode is not for you. Everyone else, read on. Staying produtive all the time is hard, especially is you don't have a boss and coworkers in the same room to hold you accountable.

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  • Irresistible Offers: Why Advertising to Fewer People Will Get You More Customers

    … customers is almost effortless. But what exactly is a good offer? With this episode, we're starting our newest podcast series at ActiveGrowth which is all about irresisitible offers (and how to create them). We've seen countless offers - from dreadful to amazing - and in this episode we tackle the first set of problems you must avoid in order to create truly great offers. […]…

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  • Irresistible Offers: One Offer To Rule Them All

    … Having an amazing product is great. But if your offer is not good enough, your business will never really take off. ​In the previous episode of our Irresisitible Offers podcast series, you could learn how to avoid general offers and find the right niche you should sell to. In today's episode, we'll show you the next step: we'll talk about how to start creating different offers for the same product, and pick the best one out of them. […]…

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  • 9 Examples of Irresistible Offers (and How They Could Have Gone Wrong)

    … Now you know why you need a good offer and how to create different offers for your product or service. (If you're new here, listen to the first episode in the series here) Let's take it a step further and tear some of the most amazing niche offers into pieces. Learn why these offer work, what makes them stand out and how they could've gone…

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  • Why I Dumped Non-GPL Licensed WordPress Stuff In 2016

    … some other companies on board – and to find alternatives until there are. This includes companies producing products like OptimizePress / Thrive Themes (see Beaver Builder & Site Origin Page Builder & Shortcodes Ultimate), InstaMember (lots of alternatives to this!), Wishlist Member (lots of alternatives to this), Popup Domination (I’m…

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