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Timothy Ferris (born August 29, 1944) is a science writer and the best-selling author of twelve books, including The Science of Liberty (2010) and Coming of Age in the Milky Way (1988), for which he was awarded the American Institute of Physics Prize and was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. He also wrote The Whole Shebang: A State-of-the-Universe(s) Report (1997), a popular science book on the study of the universe.
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  • SPI’s “Top 3 Everything” from 2014!

    … with the podcast. With an editorial calendar and an audience who is expecting a show to go live on a certain day each week, I had a lot more motivation to get it done. I hope it’ll be the same way for blog posts next year too. After looking at the list below, I was surprised because besides the episode with Tim Ferriss, who always attracts a large number…

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  • STM Thought Leader: Alexander Tsatkin (Angry Russian)

    … The Angry Russian, aka Alexander Tsatkin, is one of the most elusive characters in the affiliate marketing industry. He’s most known for his extreme short temper (don’t let the profile photo fool you), his lack of mercy, and for pioneering the mobile affiliate marketing industry. Alex went from being a struggling affiliate, to a successful…

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  • 99Designs Review: Why You Should Crowdsource Your Next Design

    … your project. It’s a great, affordable way to to generate a wide variety of design concepts to pick from, and in the end, get a design you are happy with. 99Designs is the biggest and most well known of these crowdsourcing platforms, so I’m going to take a look at them in-depth in this post. Tim Ferris has used them to design the cover of one…

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  • A Great Article You Need to Read (about iPhone Apps)

    … throughout North America that are playing UFC and Boxing pay per views… a useful utility for fight fans. I’ve toyed with the idea of creating more apps since I always wanted to make video games when I was a kid, and these days they can be very cheap and fast to develop. Anyway, I came across a great article on app development by a guy named Chad Mureta…

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