Time Management

Time management is the act or process of planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency or productivity.It is a meta-activity with the goal to maximize the overall benefit of a set of other activities within the boundary condition of a limited amount of time.Time management may be aided by a range of skills, tools, and techniques used to manage time when accomplishing specific tasks, projects, and goals complying with a due date. Initially, time management referred to just business or work activities, but eventually the term broadened to include personal activities as well.
Posts about Time Management
  • Beware The Planning Fallacy (And Other Time Management Tips)

    … By Brooke B. Sellas, {grow} Contributing Columnist Even though “planning fallacy” sounds like a ten-dollar SAT word that doesn’t affect you, I bet it does. When it comes to time management, most of us are caught in the trap of our own planning fallacy; which is what psychologists call our tendency to underestimate how long it will take…

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  • Too many messaging systems creates personal confusion

    … to send him the link. I couldn’t recall the precise article he asked for, so I looked for his original message to me. Was it in an email? No. Was it on Facebook Messenger? No. A text message? Couldn’t find it there either. Finally I found the request on LinkedIn. I felt frustrated wasting time finding one little message like that. Multiply this by 300…

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  • What are the personal impacts of your digital immersion?

    … phone. With a sudden jolt, I was thrust into a world of 24 x 7 accessibility. This was particularly relevant because I was living in Los Angeles — three time zones away from my boss. With this new electronic connection, my working hours were instantly extended by at least 50 percent each day. I was working in sales at the time and was embroiled…

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  • 3 Lessons I learned from my creative burnout

    … By Mars Dorian, {grow} Contributing Columnist This year, I created tons of blog posts, launched a couple of books, and created dozens of pieces of artwork for my clients. I was busy like a bee on steroids. I felt good and useful, at least for a while. Then I burned like a candle dipped into diesel, lit on both ends. The aftermath? I stayed…

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  • How often should I blog? Five steps to answering the question

    … to raise awareness for a charity, perhaps a quarterly newsletter might be all the reader attention you need. See how blogging consistency is connected to goals? 2. What are your competitors up to? The most important aspect of marketing is determining where you can maneuver, meaning, identifying where can create leverage in your marketplace. This rarely…

    {grow}in How To's- 18 readers -
  • The raw truth about “I work harder than you”

    … By Brooke B. Sellas, {grow} Contributing Columnist “I work harder than you.” Those five words are devastatingly destructive. I had this terrible fight with a good friend about a year ago. She basically told me that because I work from home and “play on Facebook all day” (I own a fast-growing social media marketing agency, but let’s go…

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  • Stop creating Random Acts of Content

    … the importance of focus on our critical business drivers and saying no to the quick and easy opportunities that come our way. The most precious resource we have is time and I’d like you to take a moment today to evaluate how you are spending your time when it comes to producing content. In a big company, a single piece of content may take days…

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  • Learn to say no and focus on your three critical business drivers

    … By Mark Schaefer The other day a friend offered to post my content as a marketing column in his regional lifestyle magazine. It would require almost no work on my side and potentially expose me to a different audience. A no brainer, right? I said no. Here’s why. The critical three I once worked with a business leader who would constantly ask…

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  • How do I find time to create content? 25 Ideas!

    … By Mark Schaefer I’ve never met a person who says they have too much time, especially when it comes to creating content! But here’s a fact: successful bloggers, YouTubers, and podcasters have the same number of hours in a day as you. Everybody has the same time to create content, but not everybody makes it a priority. The real question isn’t…

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  • How I get more stuff done than you: Focus

    … By Mark Schaefer I help a lot of people with their business ideas and problems and inevitably this question comes up: “You seem to be everywhere … how do you get all this stuff done?” My answer is deceivingly simple: FOCUS. I say “deceivingly” because it is such a simple word but so exceedingly difficult to achieve! As a small business owner…

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  • 5 questions you should ask yourself every day before bed

    … By Mars Dorian, {grow} Contributing Columnist I’m a vampire. No, not the solar-phobic Transylvanian bloodsucker with his campy cape, but the graveyard worker who spends all night hitting the keyboard and dropping into bed when the first sun rays sneak through my curtains. You see, I’m what the German government now calls the digital solo-self…

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