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  • Calling All Experts! Run A Q&A For Our Community!

    … through Friday, we are inviting an expert guest to “take the stage” in your #YCDI community and answer questions on their favorite marketing topic. Go sign yourself up! ==> https://www.facebook.com/groups/371411309668671/593026247507175/ So far, our “speaker” list has included: Jason Baudendistal – LinkedIn Marketing Nile Flores – WordPress…

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  • The Dog Days Of Summer In Blogging & Marketing

    … and not just coasted through it. That’s why it’s so important to do things like the #‎31DBBB challenge NOW so that you have made improvements BEFORE the traffic is due to show up in September. (There’s still plenty of time to join us in the challenge since we are doing it over 90 days instead of 30!) Get the remodeling out of the way! (And drop me…

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  • 90 Days To Build A Better Blog, ProBlogger Challenge 2015 [31DBBB]

    …? Because Darren Rowse – founder of ProBlogger – has launched a new podcast on this topic and is going to cover each of the sections as an audio as well. This should be a HUGE help to us in getting through some of the tougher days assignments. And since he’s doing it daily, he will be done with them well before we get done, so we’ll have them ready…

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  • Affiliate News June 2014 – Announcing Lifetime Referral Payouts!

    … are still good!) The platform is (and remains) a “last touch cookie” system – which means that the most recent person to send the click, before the sale, gets the payment credit if there is no other information. What we have ADDED is “Lifetime Database Buyer Locking“. This may be a new term to you – but it’s one that makes smart affiliates a LOT…

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  • Can You Do Me A Simple Favor?

    … Pretty Please? Kim here… I need a big favor! Would you please be so kind as to look in your spam folder of your email account and find the emails I have sent you and mark them as not-spam? An unexpected change of some techy stuff (IP addresses) this week suddenly caused my email deliverability to go crashing into the floor. Each email that you…

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