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  • Popular Social Media Advice That You Shouldn’t Follow

    There are many occasions in life where you will hear or be given the same advice over and over again. Often, this advice is conflicting and you feel as if you’d have been better off not hearing anything at all. The moment you get engaged, you’ll hear all of the reasons for having a large wedding, as well as why a small, more intimate gathering is best.

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  • 10 Stunning WordPress Features That Most Of You Don’t Know

    … WordPress is a piece of cake to learn. We all know that! But there are so many amazing, yet hidden features, tips and tricks that you are probably (definitely) NOT aware of. So in this post I want to show you 7 stunning (yet hidden) WordPress features that can make your website/blog and how you work with it even more amazing! 1. Write…

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  • [Video] How to A/B Test in Real Time

    Email marketers know that to really have success in email, you have to optimize, optimize, optimize. That means experimenting with subject lines, format, time of send, and more. Of course, to test effectively, you have to split up your audience – which means that half of them receive less compelling creative. When Email A outperforms Email B by 50%, that can be a big problem.

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  • 5 Questions You Should Ask When Choosing an Email Marketing Technology

    … The amount of email marketing technology available to marketers is growing rapidly. In addition to email service providers, there are now contextual marketing solutions, marketing automation platforms and much more. However, purchasing this technology can be difficult – often it involves buying a product that does something you have never…

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  • 5 Awesome #Superbowl Emails

    … Last week, we covered nine of our favorite emails from #Snowmageddon (or, as we started calling it in New York, #FakeStorm2015). We were really impressed by how brands created emails that specifically targeted a one-day event. We started wondering how companies were using emails for other events, too. How does a cupcake company jump onto…

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  • [eBook] Email Marketing Personalization 2.0: Examples, Tips and More

    … Email marketing personalization has always been an important part of email campaigns. It makes sense, right? If you’re sending emails that aren’t relevant to customers, they’re going to delete them. While most marketers use list segmentation to personalize email for different audiences, there are now a lot of other factors you need to consider…

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  • Top 5 best Hosting Affiliate Programs 2015 for Bloggers

    … Heya Friends..!! This is my first ever post on Blogunation. We are struggling hard to make our slogan “#1 resource for Beginner Bloggers” come true. This post is the first step in our Journey. We need all your Blessings and suggestions. Okay, now let’s have a look at the list of best and most reliable hosting affiliate programs in 2015 . We have…

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  • Use Movable Ink To Keep Holiday Emails Relevant – Even After Shipping Deadlines!

    … that no recipient is confused by the message in your email even if they open it a few days after it’s been deployed. This helps ensure maximum performance of your holiday campaign. Most importantly you’ll help keep stockings stuffed and the tree circled with your gifts! This entry was posted in Email Marketing Insights, Tips and Tricks on December 16, 2014 by Steven Joya.…

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  • Webinar Replay: Getting Mobile Consumers to Bite with Apple Pay

    … click conversion! Lucky for you, we’ve answer those questions in our webinar already. A replay of “Getting Mobile Consumers to Bite with Apple Pay” is available for you to watch here. If you have any questions, please reach out and contact us at This entry was posted in Tips and Tricks on November 25, 2014 by Laura Chau.…

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  • Apple Pay + Email: Reducing the friction to purchase

    … Yesterday Apple announced that Apple Pay will arrive on Monday October 20th along with the iOS 8.1 update. This is exciting for marketers and further puts an emphasis on the ever-growing importance of mobile. With Apple Pay, consumers can complete purchases by simply scanning their finger on their iPhone (6 or 6 Plus) or iPad (Air 2 or Mini 3…

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  • Holiday Email & Beyond: Drive Store Traffic Through Email

    … and tie these back to those who received the email with the store information versus those who did not. These quick tips will help impact the performance of email to drive traffic to the store. Driving consumers to the store through email can seem like a big challenge. You can start tackling it by providing your customers with the relevant…

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  • Back to School Targeting on Facebook: Attracting the Right Customers

    … with the clothes they wear, rather than the children in their household. Shoppers of “mature apparel” brands like Talbots, White House/Black Market, and Lands End are likely candidates for back to school campaigns. 5 Tips for Maximizing Your Back to School Campaigns on Facebook 1. Think outside the box. Even if your service or product doesn’t directly tie…

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