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    • The Importance of Audience Targeting in SEM Strategy

      Digital marketers all face a common struggle: managing the plethora of online touchpoints that their customers experience while they interact with a digital brand. Luckily, an array of solutions exist for managing these touch points along the buyer funnel. One of the most effective solutions is audience targeting in PPC remarketing campaigns based on user behavior.

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  • 10 Ways to Use PPC, SEO and Analytics Together

    …. This will positively impact conversions across the board, no matter which channel a user comes from. Form hypotheses, execute tests, measure outcomes and repeat. Tools like CrazyEgg, Google Analytics, Inspectlet, Optimizely, Google Optimize/Optimize 360 can be incredibly helpful when executing these types of CRO tests. With Optimize 360, you can target specific…

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  • Where to Add Campaign Tags: A Comprehensive Checklist

    … listed in lieu of a vanity url These may or may not be considered part of your paid efforts, but usually are under enough of your control that you can add tags. Social media profile links Examples: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yelp Natural social media posts (the ones you don’t pay to promote) Some social media management tools allow you to set…

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  • Lowering Your Brand Bids Can Help Increase Conversion Volume

    … When businesses start an Adwords account, one of the most common questions we often hear is: “Do we really have to have a brand campaign? The answer is yes, businesses most definitely should run a brand campaign. Here’s why. Right now, as we speak, competitors are most likely bidding on your organization’s brand terms. Therefore…

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  • The Seer-Cathalon: What It’s Like to Intern at Seer

    … instruction from your teammates, who were once beginners just like you! At Seer, your teammates are the individual event athletes. Unlike decathletes, their specialties lie in SEO, PPC, and ANA. As specialists they know all the tips and tricks, and they’ll be there to help you learn the basics. Over the course of your tenure as a Seer-Cathlete, you’ll…

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  • Making the Move from Public Relations to SEO

    … PR and SEO Are Completely Different…Right? Not quite. Public relations, SEO and PPC are all major players in the arsenal of a modern-day marketer. But, like all other elements of the marketing mix, these verticals should not be siloed in the overall strategy and, instead, must work in tandem. You might be asking yourself, “Aren’t public…

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  • When AI Fails Advertisers: Whitelisting & Programmatic Advertising

    … Making sure an advertisement appears in the right place is harder now than it has ever been. New sites that publish content considered controversial, inflammatory, propogandic, or that otherwise do not align with the values of mainstream brands are created en masse everyday. In recent years, an alarming amount of this type of content has gone…

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  • Spot Data Issues From the Start With Weekly Analysis

    … answer is probably a resounding, “YES!” followed by, “But how can I do that efficiently and effectively? Well, if you keep reading, I share how to easily conduct weekly monitoring. 1. Understand that it’s not as difficult as it may seem. It is very easy to become intimidated by the sheer number of reports you have to analyze for a true analytics…

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  • The Top 16 Free Digital Marketing Tools To Help Identify & Reach Your Customers

    …, drive more visits to their sites, and ultimately, make more money. These guys and gals are smart and have hustle that’s off the charts, but they don’t have the time or access to premium tools to get crazy sophisticated in trying to understand who the heck they are selling their products to online. They need a scrappy solution. So, I compiled…

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  • GTM Match Table Variable Generator (Lookup Tables & Beyond)

    … inputs. To account for all possible case variations of names of American states and territories, I'd need to match 328,228 inputs. If I had to match state names as a term within an arbitrary search query, I'd have infinite possible inputs. Cases like this warrant more flexible matching. The Solution This tool was built to simplify the act…

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