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  • Spot Data Issues From the Start With Weekly Analysis

    …, it is equally important to comb through and analyze data points more frequently than once a month. So now that you know what I have learned, let me know how these guidelines work out for you. I would love to hear other tips to make this process smoother and better! …

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  • The Top 16 Free Digital Marketing Tools To Help Identify & Reach Your Customers

    …, drive more visits to their sites, and ultimately, make more money. These guys and gals are smart and have hustle that’s off the charts, but they don’t have the time or access to premium tools to get crazy sophisticated in trying to understand who the heck they are selling their products to online. They need a scrappy solution. So, I compiled…

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  • GTM Match Table Variable Generator (Lookup Tables & Beyond)

    … inputs. To account for all possible case variations of names of American states and territories, I'd need to match 328,228 inputs. If I had to match state names as a term within an arbitrary search query, I'd have infinite possible inputs. Cases like this warrant more flexible matching. The Solution This tool was built to simplify the act…

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  • How Pinterest’s New Visual Search Works & its Implication for Marketers

    It happens all the time – you’re on Pinterest and see something so cool that you immediately want to find out what it is, and where you can purchase it. Basically, an experience right out of a marketer’s dream. If the Pinterest image you’ve landed on is the focus item in the Pin, then it’s quite easy to find a place to buy it, either right on Pinterest or elsewhere online.

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  • The Giant List of Free Influencer Marketing & PR Tools

    … As the digital marketing & SEO industry changes and evolves, so must the tools & techniques in our arsenal. How we form SEO strategies in particular, are radically different from how they took shape in 2010 and will likely be radically different in 2020! Growing disciplines like PR and influencer marketing have become absolutely…

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  • 9 Lessons Learned from a Site Redesign: How to Prepare When Your Site Changes

    … if we had known what we know now. Is your site getting ready for a redesign? To help you avoid the same mistakes I have created a Redesign Information Sheet and Checklist. Did you encounter a problem during a redesign that I did no? Or have tips for other? Leave a comment with your tip or reach out to me on twitter @c_lalama with any questions! …

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  • Pitch Please: Getting Conference Approval

    … Conferences present huge opportunities for you to share your knowledge, grow your knowledge, connect with people in the industry and expand your network. In our industry, there are many conferences that revolve around our day-to-day activities. HeroConf, MozCon, SMX, SearchLove, SES, AdTech and Affiliate Summit are just a few big ones that pop…

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  • When To Use Income Level Geo-Targeting in Adwords

    … Google Adwords has a multitude of targeting and bidding options. Sometimes it becomes difficult to decide which option is the best for our clients and their goals, so we just have to test them out! One of the Geographic options we have is to target users by their demographic/income level. You can target these specifically, add to existing…

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