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    • Complete guide to meta tags in SEO

      A complete introduction to all the meta tags a webmaster may need when creating or optimising a webpage for SEO. Everything will be covered here, including: Title Tag, Meta Description, Alt-Text for images, Canonical Tag, Noindex, Nofollow, H1 – H6 tags, Robots Meta Tag and the various tags involved in Google News.

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  • Guide to Google ranking signals – Part 1: on-page factors

    … characters long, including spaces. Anything longer and Google may cut you short. If nobody has heard of your brand or company name (and it’s not part of the important keyword phrases) put it at the end of the title tag. H1 tags The difference between a H1 tag and a title tag is simple: title-tags appear in search results and the H1 tag is what…

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  • Five simple SEO practices to remember when setting up a new blog

    … in Google’s algorithm has become the third most important signal. Here are five quick tips to get you started… Keyword research Creating your blog can be easy depending on your experience but the real work starts before you begin creating quality content. First you need to research and understand keywords your customers are using to search for your…

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  • Nine quick fixes to improve your stagnant SEO

    … You’re no SEO beginner. You’ve sorted your technical SEO. Your site is being crawled regularly and Google is quick to index new pages on your site. You’ve got a solid keyword strategy and you’ve implemented all your main terms across site. You’re in your site’s Search Console daily, and you catch Rand’s Whiteboard Fridays every week. But yet…

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  • Google’s recent SERP changes and tests: everything you need to know

    … all, it’s not just about keywords any more. Longer title tags and descriptions would give SEOs more leeway to use long-tail keywords. Image by Dr. Ron Matson, available via CC0 (public domain image) The first is that longer titles and descriptions would allow more room for long-tail keywords, three or four-word phrases that tend to indicate…

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  • SEO 101: eight simple ways to optimise your blog posts for search

    … You don’t have to be an SEO expert to optimise your content in just a few steps and improve your page’s ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). SEO might sound complicated for beginners, but in fact, everyone can start applying a few basic tips that will affect a post’s performance and eventually its ranking. 1. WordPress WordPress can…

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  • How to Optimize Local Business for Search

    … to a slew of local directories can be a dangerous game in terms of search engine optimization best practices, using well-respected business directories like Yelp, Glassdoor, or Zagat can help drive local traffic to your website in droves. Not only are their sites well optimized for your business so that there isn't as much work to do on your own…

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  • Top Tips for Creating Meta Data

    … people that you do or that you provide. This used to get spammed an awful lot in days gone by. So if you were selling cars, you might just put cars, cars, cars, cars, cars. Stuff like that doesn’t work anymore. You need to think quite carefully about your Meta data and what you’re going to present to people. The essential parts are the Title tag…

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  • Top Tips for Creating Meta Data

    … on page SEO strategy. It is time consuming and will need updating regularly as your site expands and Google continues to move the goal posts, but without good Meta structure you stand to fall behind while those who do forge ahead in search engine rankings. For more information on Meta and SEO, check out our SEO Services Page, or Contact Us today. Image Credits: Code Image from Big Stock Photo The post Top Tips for Creating Meta Data appeared first on Koozai.com …

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  • Advanced SEO Experiments: Google’s Title Tag Changes

    … into play. However, it's worthwhile to understand the "why" behind each "what," and be able to recognize when the usual advice may not be enough. It's one of the things that makes SEO interesting. Here's one example: the lowly title element. (I'm joking when I write lowly.) Title tags remain one of the most influential ranking signals we can control…

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  • A Simple Overview of Meta Tags

    … about that below). And only one if you don't count the title tag, which technically isn't a "meta" tag. But for our purposes, we'll call all three meta tags relevant to SEO since that is what most magic-beaners think about when it comes to their understanding of SEO. Let's start with the Title tag. It looks like this: Title Tag Text The purpose…

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