• Micro-Influencers: Inside Dirt Astute Marketers Don’t Know

    …-influencers have up to 22.2 times more buying conversations including product recommendations weekly than an average consumer based on research by KellerFay, Jonah Berger and Experticity. Frequency Influencer Opinions Are Sought – KellerFay, Berger & Experticity Research 87% of influencer recommendations take place face-to-face. 74…

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  • 5 Influencer Marketing Platforms for SMBs

    … interact with the influencers who seem like a good fit and manage those relationships through Klear’s own CRM. Klear offers free plans, with Basic pricing starting at $249 per month. 3. Tomoson: Software geared toward micro-influencer outreach Major brands have the funds to run campaigns with well-known influencers, but local companies can still find…

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  • Sponsored Selfies on Instagram?

    … Can you earn money by posting selfies? Yes, according to influencer marketplace Tomoson. Tomoson launched a sponsored selfies program on Instagram, in which influencers who post selfies depicting them using, wearing or posing with advertisers’ products can cash in. In this example, Instagram user Maria-Isabel Gridley is plugging products…

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