• A Guide to Finding Your Brand Voice

    … choice and tone of their competitors and fail to stand out as true individual and thought leader in their particular industry. Creating a brand voice and making a conscious decision to bring it forward in your content gives you the tools you need to sound more human and relatable, and will ultimately go much further in building relationships…

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  • The Science of the Voice Over

    … of their speech to fit perfectly in the time given. Voice Over Tone The tone of voice used in a voice over has to perfectly match the brand, product and script, and most importantly, match in a natural sounding way. Whether it’s serious and calm for an on hold message at a medical center, conversational and guy/girl next door for a business explainer video…

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  • 5 Qualities to Define in Every Content Marketing Campaign

    … characteristic you’ll need to lay out in advance. The simple way to think of voice is the “personality” of your writing. What type of person is your audience imagining your writing to embody? In addition to questions of formality and informality, is your brand charming and down-to-earth? Is your brand esoteric and mysterious? The voice of your writing can…

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