Tony Xu

  • DoorDash CEO: Opportunity in Local Delivery Is ‘Vast’

    … in 2013, the company raised $127 million in Series C funding just a few months ago — despite a tightening investment climate — and is building its product out rapidly. Street Fight recently caught up with DoorDash CEO and Co-founder Tony Xu, who will be a keynote speaker at Street Fight Summit West on June 7th in San Francisco, to talk about how he…

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  • Street Culture: DoorDash Aiming to Constantly Improve Both Product and Culture

    … It was a personal interest that turned into a professional one. The four founders of DoorDash share a motivation to support local businesses, something that began cultivating earlier in life. Tony Xu, DoorDash’s CEO and co-founder, said that his mother has been a small business owner her whole life. Watching her experiences helped shape his…

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