• How to Research Your Competitors on Instagram

      Wondering what your competitors are up to on Instagram? Want to compare their marketing efforts to yours? Researching how your competitors market on Instagram can help you find new ways to reach your shared customer base. In this article, you’ll discover how to research your competitors on Instagram. by Hiral Rana on Social Media Examiner.

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    • Using SlideModel to Launch and Run Your Business

      In today’s competitive business landscape, you must give yourself all the tools necessary to meet your customer’s needs as well as your financial goals. This means having a clear picture of your business model, revenue streams, projections, and a hundred other data points. Planning and data presentation tools like SlideModel can help you to not only plan your business, but kee ...

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    • Isolate Your Competition’s Weaknesses To Strengthen Your PPC Efforts

      May 9, 2017 Competition is literally the foundation of our industry. If it were not for the strategy behind competing in the auction, machines would be more than capable of carrying the duties of PPC and the world would have less PPC unicorns. It’s safe to say that most of us are, at the very least, aware of who our competitors are, but are you watching them and studying t ...

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  • FAME: Exploring Facebook’s Ads Manager for Excel

    … in luck, especially if you’re managing paid social endeavors. Facebook recently unveiled its new Facebook Ads Manager for Excel — FAME for short — a tool designed to alleviate data export and reporting by fetching information from multiple Facebook campaigns or accounts directly within Excel. What Is FAME? Fame is the dream of many people…

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  • 7 Essential Facebook Advertising Tools for Driving Digital Revenue

    … This article originally appeared on Social Media Today. If you’re launching a new Facebook advertising campaign, you’ve probably developed all the creative materials you need to build a solid social advertising foundation. But images and copy aren’t enough on their own - you need the right tools to craft an effective campaign. If you want…

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  • #160: Behind the Scenes of My Website Redesign

    … Here’s the thing: businesses evolve and grow. Mine has (and so will yours). And what worked a few years ago for my website is no longer reflective of where I am today. If you know it’s time for a website revamp, let this serve as your roadmap of sorts. While you may make different decisions than I did, the overall message you should take away…

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  • 17 Productivity Tools Every Marketer Must Use in 2017

    … “Productivity is being able to do things that you were never able to do before.” – Franz Kafka Marketers have a lot of work to do. From managing social media to analytics. And these tasks are time-consuming. While there are so many tools out there to help you keep things in pace, many marketers aren’t able to choose the right one. This results…

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  • #159: How I Found, Hired and Work With My Project Manager

    … When you’re just starting out, you can manage everything on your own. And you probably have to—until you’re generating revenue. As soon as that happens, things change. Priorities shift. To-do lists grow. New ideas, projects and opportunities pop up every day, all of which are left for you to juggle with. What if you had the right support to help…

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  • 4 Forgotten Excel Tricks For PPC

    … training time we have learning about the newest PPC product updates. I have been overdue for a self-taught Excel training for a while, so I recently decided to take the time to look for a few new “Excel for PPC” tools and tricks. Fortunately, I did not have to go far. I knew that our Hanapin team had created several Excel resources in the past, but now…

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  • 10 Alternatives To Google AdWords

    … of negatives and qualifier messaging in ad copy, a competitive industry or market, or a broader topic like “shoes” (as a very broad example). In this post, I’ll give a short overview of other networks that can be added to your PPC mix to drive qualified traffic and results. 1. Bing Ads Bing Ads has continued to be an under-utilized network with two other…

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  • How To Migrate To Google Tag Manager

    … anywhere near an exhaustive resource. We’ve also skipped over quite a few of the technical details. The resources below go into even further details and may be used as a guide for specific issues and advanced features. Simo Ahava – Google Tag Manager Articles LunaMetrics – Google Tag Manager Recipes Google – Google Tag Manager Help Center …

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  • 5 Tools to Measure Instagram Hashtag Performance

    … Do you use hashtags in your Instagram posts? Wondering which hashtags resonate best with your target audience? Choosing the right tool to analyze Instagram hashtag performance makes it easier to achieve your goals. In this article, you’ll discover five tools to evaluate the performance of your Instagram hashtags. by Krista Wiltbank…

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  • Using Supermetrics To Report PPC Projected Lag Revenue

    … report that AdWords provides. However, with this model, you need to re-pull conversion and revenue volume for every day of the month each time you want to look at the numbers. With Supermetrics, this process becomes much easier. What Is Supermetrics? Supermetrics is a tool that helps to bring in data from AdWords, Bing, Analytics, Yahoo, Facebook…

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  • Tools Providing Audience Data for Optimizing Landing Pages

    … pages and ultimately, encourage them to convert. Therefore, we tested bringing the benefits to their attention by changing the font color to orange, causing them to stand out against the other text. Control Variation This test has resulted in a 5% increase in conversion rate but it has also seen a 6% increase in pages/session. While…

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  • 5 Free Instagram Analytics Tools for Marketers

    … Do you want a better way to analyze your Instagram marketing efforts? Looking for free tools to help? The right Instagram tools can provide analytics to inform your social media strategy and content scheduling. In this article, you’ll discover five free Instagram analytics tools for marketers. by Jill Holtz on Social Media Examiner. #1…

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  • The Marketer’s Toolbox: The 60 Marketing Tools We Use at Buffer

    … As a marketing team spread around the world — from the West Coast in the US to the East Coast in the US to Canada, to the UK and Singapore, we always keep an eye on the latest marketing and productivity tools to help us stay connected and do our best work. Our team also covers a range of marketing disciplines from social media to community…

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  • Take Your Video Ads to the Next Level with Insider Strategies from Nanigans

    …, Nanigans offers several capabilities that can give your campaigns an extra ROI boost. Take a look at these three strategies that Nanigans’ advertising experts recommend including in your next video ad campaign. Drive purchases with slideshow ads Is your marketing team looking to drive sales for your business? Whether you’re a retail advertiser showing…

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