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  • Using SlideModel to Launch and Run Your Business

    … In today’s competitive business landscape, you must give yourself all the tools necessary to meet your customer’s needs as well as your financial goals. This means having a clear picture of your business model, revenue streams, projections, and a hundred other data points. Planning and data presentation tools like SlideModel can help you…

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  • 17 Productivity Tools Every Marketer Must Use in 2017

    … “Productivity is being able to do things that you were never able to do before.” – Franz Kafka Marketers have a lot of work to do. From managing social media to analytics. And these tasks are time-consuming. While there are so many tools out there to help you keep things in pace, many marketers aren’t able to choose the right one. This results…

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  • How to Calculate Your Profit Margin

    … is 20. However, this figure represents your gross profit on one item. It doesn’t take into consideration all of the costs of running your business. When it comes to how to calculate your profit margin for your business as a whole, you’ll need to dig a bit more deeply. To get this figure, you’ll need to divide your net income by your net sales. Net…

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  • Build Your Websites Automatically!

    … Recently I’ve come across a revolutionary system to build websites. This new platform is named and it lets you design websites automatically thanks to an artificial intelligence. Are you curious? Let’s see how it works. Building Websites with Creating a new site with Firedrop is like chatting to a real person, thanks…

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  • SalesMate: The Smartest Way to Make More Sales

    … Are you struggling in getting more deals and making more sales? Then you landed the right place, as I’m going to share with you a tool I recently discovered: SalesMate, an all-in-one sales management software for businesses of all sizes. How SalesMate Works Every company can benefit from sales intelligence. SalesMate helps you close more…

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  • Why is Server Speed So Important to Revenue?

    …, such as plugins and graphics. However, speed also depends on the architecture of your webpages, including the speed of hosting servers and databases. Going with the right web hosting option can help you to enhance your website ranking and improve your overall speed in no time. While shared hosting servers are often a great deal cheaper than…

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  • MilesWeb VPS vs GoDaddy VPS? Who Should You Choose?

    …. Let us dig more into it and see the benefits and advantages of VPS Hosting that would let you arrive to a consensus if VPS is the right choice for your business. Benefits And Advantages Of VPS Hosting Be it any kind of web hosting, it is bound to have pros and cons. There are many advantages that comes along with Virtual Private Servers, which we…

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