• How To Make A Good Account Manager Assignment

    … September 7, 2016 One of my key responsibilities is assigning new accounts to team members. Account manager assignments are the first critical decision made on behalf of an account. Making a good account assignment instills confidence and positively demonstrates to clients an ability to make solid decisions. On the flip side, a poorly conceived…

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  • What Is In-Image Advertising?

    … that they might not be capturing through their traditional PPC efforts. I recently discovered in-image advertising and became immediately intrigued with the concept. What exactly was it and how was it different than my other display efforts? What did the ads look like? What was the targeting like? With those questions in mind, I reached out…

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  • Measuring Conversions Post Converted Clicks: Help For The Lead Gen Advertiser

    … August 2, 2016 Last week fellow PPC Hero Emma Franks wrote a great article about Google’s decision to retire its converted clicks metric. The paid search industry has shifted away from strict adherence to a last click attribution model to more flexible models that consider the entire customer journey. Tracking this journey has led Google…

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