Top Level Spectrum

    • “UDRP-proof” .feedback gTLD loses first UDRP

      The first cybersquatting complaint against a .feedback domain name has resulted in a transfer, despite registry claims that the gTLD was “UDRP-proof”. De Beers, the diamond merchant, won a UDRP case against the registrant of earlier this month. The registrant, who used a privacy service, registered the name back in January, when .

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  • First dot-brand gTLD to go generic after TLS deal

    …-brand, albeit one that that not yet gone live, being taken over by a portfolio gTLD player. Westerdal said he’s looking for more, similar acquisition opportunities. The gTLD is currently in pre-delegation testing, with no published go-live date. The Guardian had signed a Registry Agreement containing Specification 9. That allows registries…

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  • .feedback regs Fox trademark to itself during sunrise

    … Top Level Spectrum, the new .feedback registry, has painted a second gigantic target on itself by registering to itself a .feedback domain matching one of the world’s largest media brands. The company has registered and put up a web site soliciting comment on Fox Broadcasting Company. This has happened whilst .feedback is still…

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  • Forget .sucks, .feedback will drive trademark owners nuts all over again

    … Top Level Spectrum, the new gTLD registry behind .feedback, plans to give domains matching 5,000 of the world’s top brands to a third party that does not own the trademarks. That’s one novel element of a .feedback business model that is guaranteed to drive the intellectual property community crazy in much the same way as .sucks did earlier…

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