Toucan Sam

Toucan Sam is the cartoon mascot for Froot Loops breakfast cereal. The character has been featured in advertising since the 1960s. He exhibits the ability to smell out Froot Loops from great distances and invariably locates a concealed bowl of the cereal while intoning, "Follow your nose! It always knows!" Sometimes followed by "The flavor of fruit! Wherever it grows!"
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  • Why You Can’t Just Trust Your Split Test Stats

    … are just that – statistics. The business results that are achieved from the stats are only as good as the person who analyzes them and how they apply their knowledge, experience and (most importantly) common sense. If the statistics seem to you like they are not making any sense, then as Toucan Sam says, “Follow your nose” and investigate them…

    Adam Lundquist/ PPC Hero- 5 readers -
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