• Research finds homograph attacks on big brands rife

      Apparent domain name homograph attacks against major brands are a “significant” problem, according to research from Farsight Security. The company said last week that it scanned for such attacks against 125 well-known brands over the three months to January 10 and found 116,113 domains — almost 1,000 per brand.

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    • ICANN chief to lead talks over blocked .amazon gTLD

      ICANN CEO Goran Marby has been asked to help Amazon come to terms with several South American governments over its controversial bid for the .amazon gTLD. The organization’s board of directors passed a resolution last week accepting the suggestion, which came from the Governmental Advisory Committee.

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    • Brandsight starts beta with “large corporations”

      New brand management registrar Brandsight says it has started a beta test of its initial service. Head of marketing Elisa Cooper tells DI the service is being tested by prospective clients at unspecified “large corporations”. Brandsight Domain Name Management is a portfolio management system for large corporate domain controllers.

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  • US and EU call for Whois to stay alive

    … is pressing for US interests in the International Telecommunications Union, he said. Calling Whois “a cornerstone of trust and accountability for the Internet”, Redl said the service “can, and should, retain its essential character while complying with national privacy laws, including the GDPR.” “It is in the interests of all Internet stakeholders…

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  • Big changes at DomainTools as privacy law looms

    … at significant scale, and you need to evaluate that many domains for some reason, that’s where the impact may be,” he said. Disclosure: I share a complimentary DomainTools account with several other domain industry bloggers. Tweet Tagged: .eu, copyright, DomainTools, gdpr, ICANN, privacy, security, trademarks, whois …

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  • XYZ relaunches .storage with $2,200 price tag

    … has reopened .storage to registrations with a new, much higher price tag. A confusingly named “Trademark Holder Landrush” started yesterday and will run for three weeks. It’s not a sunrise period — .storage already had its ICANN-mandated sunrise under its previous management — and it appears that it’s not actually restricted…

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  • Former MarkMonitor execs join new brand protection registrar

    … competency, as opposed to what they called the “legacy” larger registrars that have domains as just one service among many, Cooper and Serlin said. Brandsight is based in New York state and funded by private investors. Tweet Tagged: brandsight, cybersquatting, markmonitor, trademarks …

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  • .storage to have pricey second sunrise

    … The .storage gTLD is to get a second sunrise period after being acquired and repurposed by The registry will operate a “Trademark Landrush Period” for three weeks from November 7 as the first stage of .storage’s reboot as an open-to-all gTLD. It’s not technically a “sunrise” period under ICANN rules — that phase was already completed…

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  • EFF recommends against new gTLDs

    … support for .onion, the pseudo-TLD available only to users of the Tor browser and routing network, which the EFF is a long-term supporter of. The report makes TLD recommendations for “security against trademark bullies”, “security against identity theft and marketing”, “security against overseas speech regulators” and “security against copyright bullies…

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  • GNSO faces off with governments over IGO cybersquatting

    … protection mechanisms, despite not being trademark owners. But the recommendations conflict with the advice of the GAC, which wants ICANN to create entirely new mechanisms to deal with IGO rights. I explored a lot of the back story of this argument in two posts a few months ago, which I will not rehash here. The latest development is the publication…

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  • The biggest dot-brand in the world has 50,000 domains, but are they legit?

    …. It’s been offering a free first-year name to NAR members since launch, which may account for the first-year peak and second-year trough. It’s arguably a “dot-brand”, but its domains are primarily used by fee-paying third parties, which is not the case for the over 500 other dot-brands out there today. The string “realtor” is in fact an trademark…

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  • Donuts extends DPML Plus and delays price hike

    … Donuts has delayed the price increases coming to its trademark-blocking service and extended availability of the “plus” version for three more months. Domain Protected Marks List Plus, which lets companies block brands and variations such as typos and brand+keywords across Donuts stable of 200ish TLDs, will now be available until March 31…

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  • URS comes to .mobi as ICANN offers Afilias lower fees

    … by the promises made in its gTLD application have been removed. But the change likely to get the most hackles up is the inclusion of URS in the proposed new contract. URS is an anti-cybserquatting measure that enables trademark owners to shut down infringing domains, without taking ownership, more quickly and cheaply than the UDRP. It’s obligatory…

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  • What Makes a Great Influencer Post?

    … or product fits into so many lives. Always include a clear and conspicuous disclosure at the top: In compliance with Federal Trade Commission requirements, each post must begin with a tactful disclosure, ensuring that the influencers maintain their credibility. It should be placed at the top of the post so that the reader knows from the onset…

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  • Squabbling drug peddlers drag .pharmacy into brand bunfight

    … The .pharmacy new gTLD has been dragged into the ongoing trademark dispute between two pharmaceuticals giants called Merck. Germany-based Merck KGaA has accused the .pharmacy registry of operating an unfair and “secretive” process to resolve competing sunrise period applications. The domain was awarded to US rival Merck &…

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  • The Summer Olympics Are Not Winning Gold on Social Media

    … not only violates the spirit of the Olympics, it’s self-defeating. By restricting terminology, the USOC will reduce the volume of conversation about the Games, something it could really use. Meanwhile, many brands will likely skirt the letter of the law by avoiding the list of terms but getting their messages across anyway, making the USOC look…

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