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  • 2016’s Summer Games: What Global Marketers Need to Know

    … on Olympic agreements. Ready for Rio Technological advancements continue to affect the global impact of events such as these, and as social media prepares to play it's most important role in an Olympics yet, all eyes are Rio. Although the 2016 games feature the strictest sponsorship rules to date, there are still a large number of opportunities…

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  • The 2016 Summer Reading List for Digital Marketers

    … Content Marketing” too! 3. Everybody Writes, Ann Handley Regardless of the type of marketing you specialize in, there is a very strong chance that you require a skillset which includes a strong writing ability. From social media marketers to paid media specialists to PR professionals, the ability to write well and communicate effectively with your…

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  • Brand Newsroom 80: Is Journalism’s Demise Marketing’s Great Opportunity?

    … When major Australian newspaper publisher Fairfax Media announced it was cutting 120 frontline reporter jobs last week, it sparked a mass walkout from the newsroom. Fairfax is not alone. Around the world, newspapers are dying as they struggle to keep up with technology. The business model is broken. As reporting jobs are cut, highly skilled…

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  • Online Marketing vs. Offline Advertising: Where to Invest

    … clarify that when we discuss print advertising, we are strictly talking about magazines and billboards. For digital marketing we are referring to search engine ads, social media, and email marketing. For our research, we are looking at the cost of an impression, instead of a click or an actual lead, and what that cost looks like in both print…

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  • Brand Newsroom 71: The Fate of Magazines

    …? In this episode of the Brand Newsroom podcast, the team discuss how digital preferences will continue to affect traditional media unless they choose to adapt. Links Cleo staff told of magazine’s closure The post Brand Newsroom 71: The Fate of Magazines appeared first on Lush Digital. …

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  • Cookie Stuffing: How You Know You’ve Made It

    … Nov 04 Posted by Ad Hustler | Posted in Affiliate Marketing, Traditional Media | Posted on 04-11-2015 There are certain sites that are just ubiquitous online. Ebay, Amazon & Netflix are a few names that everyone knows and most people have used or use on a regular basis. In their growth stages these are fantastic sites to promote…

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  • Apple TV Is The Future of TV

    … Nov 02 Posted by Ad Hustler | Posted in Traditional Media | Posted on 02-11-2015 I’m no Apple Fanboy (although I do think iOS is the best mobile operating system on the market). I use a PC and I’m die hard anti-Apple when it comes to computers. When it comes to set top boxes I’ve thought that their Apple TV interface has been better than…

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  • Brand Newsroom 45: Capitalising on Traditional Media

    When brands pursue content marketing, they usually focus on publishing through the internet and social media, does this inhibit them from reaching their full potential? This week the Brand Newsroom team discuss how businesses can capitalise on traditional media to extend the reach of their content. According to the team, by publishing through the tr ...

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  • How Award-Winning Journalist Adam Skolnick Writes

    … Sometimes word nerds just need a place to talk shop, and that’s the intention of today’s episode of The Writer Files. Host Kelton Reid asked award-winning journalist Adam Skolnick to join him for a guest segment called “writer porn.” Adam is an award-winning, globetrotting travel journalist, which is kind of a rare thing these days. He…

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  • Traditional Media for Content Marketing: Pros, Cons, Examples and Best Practices

    … How many times has traditional media been pronounced dead in the past decade? We’ve lost count, right? While there is no denying that TV, newspapers and radio have lost a ton of ground to digital, the fact of the matter is traditional media still matters. Even to digital marketers. In fact, some marketers are finding that traditional media…

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  • Please Stop Calling Content Marketing “Brand Journalism”

    Content Marketing, Executive's Corner, Owned Media I used to be a journalist. Past tense. I loved working for newspapers and magazines, which I did for about 15 years – back in the day when newsrooms weren’t yet obsessed with online analytics. We produced articles for the sake of informing or entertaining our readers. The content was the product.

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  • What a Tangled Web Native Advertising Will Weave

    I’m not sure if you’ve seen this video yet. It’s not safe for work but it’s absolutely hilarious regarding the topic of major newspapers and traditional news publications looking to increase revenue through the display of native advertising, also known as sponsored content. Native advertising is an online advertising method in which the advertiser attempts to gain attention ...

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