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  • What is the role of content marketing in an ad-free world?

    …, and a commitment to quality content to work. Even in a noisy marketing world crippled by Content Shock, there are still plenty of unsaturated niches to find and dominate. And in an increasingly ad-free world, every business needs to at least consider a role for content marketing in its strategy. Mark Schaefer is the chief blogger for this site…

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  • A content dominance strategy drives new media economy

    … I want to share a statistic that kind of blew my mind. In 2011, about 20 percent of non-game Internet revenue came from content subscriptions (to stuff like Hulu, Spotify, Amazon Prime, and Netflix). The bulk of the revenue has historically derived from advertising. Today, that number has completely flopped with subscription-based revenue…

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  • Why traditional journalism and social influence are blurring

    … in the world. Contact Mark to have him speak to your company event or conference soon. Related Posts Tags: bethany mota, ethics, evergreen, influence marketing, jeff jarvis, journalism and social media, mark schaefer, natalie zfat, streaming video Posted in Influence and Power, Influence marketing, streaming video, Traditional media and advertising, Writing best practices | No Comments » All posts …

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  • Strategies to deal with losing readers through the newsfeed evolution

    …, economics of social media, economist, foundr, mark schaefer, newsfeed Posted in Blogging best practices, branding, Case studies, Communty-building, Content distribution, economics of social media, Entrepreneurism, facebook, Facebook marketing, Internet marketing, Marketing best practices, Marketing Strategy, Mobile marketing, ROI and measurement, Snapchat, Social Media best practices, Social Media Strategy, Traditional media and advertising, Uncategorized | No Comments » All posts …

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  • Podcasts and advertising: Meet social media’s new super power

    … We are rapidly moving toward an ad-free world, which is kind of scary because the Internet really, really, really depends on ads. Ad blocking increased by 94 percent between 2015 and 2016. About one-third of all smartphone owners block the ads that make all that great free content possible. I probably consume more content than ever. But I do…

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  • How do you make your content the signal instead of the noise?

    … In our new episode of The Marketing Companion, Tom Webster and I explore a theme of marketing challenges to rise above the increasing noise levels to connect to our customers. It’s a difficult proposition and getting harder all the time. Some of the topics in this jam-packed 30 minutes of marvelous audio content include: Rising losses from ad…

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  • Research shows content engagement is disconnected from brand goals. What’s next?

    … brand’s image and change attitudes of customers? To figure this out, we’re going to have to go old school and apply some online and offline polling, as we have done in traditional media for decades. I see too many marketers relying too much on dashboards. It’s time to dig deeper. Reaction Ultimately our marketing my produce a reaction. Did I cause…

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  • Facebook and Snapchat at war, and four other groovy media trends

    … opportunities; Build data-driven content strategies that resonate; Place highly targeted ads with data-backed creative. The post Facebook and Snapchat at war, and four other groovy media trends appeared first on Schaefer Marketing Solutions: We Help Businesses {grow}. Related Stories Snapchat for the win Social Media Believe it or NOT!!! How to save Twitter …

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  • Snapchat for the win

    … For the first time since Facebook unseated MySpace in the hearts and minds of teens, ladies and gentlemen, we have a new social media champion — Snapchat, at least if you’re a young American (cue David Bowie). While Facebook continues to dominate overall social media usage, in a new report from Edison Research, Snapchat has eclipsed Facebook…

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  • 5 Reasons most content marketing is FAR behind where it needs to be

    … you use this for serious news? YikYak is a new social media channel that serves up local comments anonymously (it was recently at the heart of the protests at University of Missouri). BBC partnered with YikYak to uncover trends and comments during the recent Canadian elections. A service called Telegram is a very popular news delivery app…

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  • Sponsored content and the economics of trust

    … For more than two decades, I have read The Harvard Business Review. It has attracted some of the greatest business writers in history. Many articles from this venerable publication have produced classic ideas that are standard reading in university classes. In 2015, I achieved a long-time personal goal by becoming a contributor…

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  • Why ad agencies need to become software companies

    … If you’re an advertising or marketing agency, how do you differentiate yourself today? Do you have the best creative talent? (A claim that is fleeting at best.) Do you have scale so you can handle a global account? (But size can also be a detriment in an always-on fast-reacting world.) Do you specialize in a certain vertical like…

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