Traffic Fraud

  • 4 Ways to Combat Growing Display Advertising Fraud

    … transparency from their advertising partners, it’s becoming clear that at least half of the paid online display advertising that ad networks, agencies, and media buyers have been selling in the past few years isn’t actually viewed by humans. This is the result of impression-based outcomes that are very ripe for fraud. From pop-unders to bots’ clandestine…

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  • Battle of the Bots: How CAPTCHA Could Revive Publishing

    … taken us there—for better or for worse. The ubiquitousness of the internet has made for both a smaller and larger world at the same time. The human species is now more informed and better connected than it ever has been in history. So why, then, are content creators and publishers clamoring about the state of our media in 2015? Because when…

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  • The Deceitful SEO Mystery: Rising Organic Traffic Fraud

    …-acting cure-all, but rather a comprehensive strategy that requires hard work, dedication and yes, time. Gone are the days of relying solely on the short-term gains of black hat tactics. So what are agencies to do when they’ve over-committed and realize they’re not equipped to deliver? Many choose to do the right thing and own up to it; others…

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