Traffic Fraud

    • Types, Resources, and Solutions for Ad Fraud Detection

      In a study conducted by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and White Ops, the study predicted ad fraud cost advertisers $7.2 billion last year Tweet This!. And in a survey of US digital display ads, Integral Ad Science identified 8.3% of all ad impressions as fraudulent, compared with 2.4% of publisher-direct sold ads. DoubleVerify reports that over 50% of digital ads are never seen.

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  • 4 Ways to Combat Growing Display Advertising Fraud

    … programmatic buying platforms. You can also watch out for click fraud by checking the IAB’s bot list. Align your agency’s incentives to a “Return on Ad Spend” model rather than simply structuring them on the basis of how much you spend. Finally, make sure all commissions and kickbacks are fully disclosed. 3. Finesse Your Funnel, and Measure Downstream…

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  • Battle of the Bots: How CAPTCHA Could Revive Publishing

    … by Adiant, TYPE-IN™ is an ad platform that transforms CAPTCHA into a consumer touchpoint for brands that actually facilitates participation in the transfer of the message. “In today’s digital world of ad blockers and fraud, engagement has become one of the most important metrics to measure digital advertising campaign success,” stated Ash Nashed, CEO…

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  • The Deceitful SEO Mystery: Rising Organic Traffic Fraud

    … that spoke to their target audience. So you can imagine our surprise when we found strong evidence to suggest that our client’s previous Organic traffic was heavily driven by fraudulent means. With all the talk about paid search fraud these days, I think we are all beginning to understand how large that issue is and how to spot it. But how does one…

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