Traffic Generation

  • 3 Important Factors for More Blog Traffic

    I am really not a fan of the “traffic is everything” theory. I mean traffic alone is worthless. It is just a number, showing how many people visited your blog the other day. But does that mean anything to you? Just in part. What I believe marketers and bloggers should pay a lot more attention to is the actual conversion. The conversion rate is what plays a role.

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  • 4 No Nonsense Methods for Advertising an Existing Business

    … 4 No Nonsense Methods for Advertising an Existing Business September 8, 2017 By Erik Leave a Comment Sometimes marketing techniques can get a bit ridiculous, because businesses have become obsessed with keeping up with new trends to reach new audiences. However, you don’t have to go through all of the trouble of digging into a new market…

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  • Digital Marketing 101: Simple Strategies For Success

    … Digital Marketing 101: Simple Strategies For Success July 13, 2017 By Erik Leave a Comment Corporate leaders who are focused on making company growth a reality for 2017 should know that there are multiple strategies they can deploy to realize their goal. One of them is by consistently implementing digital marketing strategies that are known…

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  • Simple Steps That Can Make Your Business More Successful Online

    … Simple Steps That Can Make Your Business More Successful Online June 3, 2017 By Erik Leave a Comment Most business owners are interested in implementing any marketing strategy that will yield substantive results. If this is the case for you, it’s time to tap into the power of internet marketing. There are multiple digital advertising…

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  • 22 Of The Best TED Talks For Digital Marketers & Bloggers

    … your passion. Even if no one else cares about it. Talks 12-18 Minutes #9 - Amanda Palmer: The Art Of Asking Duration: 13:47 - Amanda Palmer Amanda is an artist that relies entirely on her fans and other artists to help her become a success much like bloggers rely on their regular readers and new traffic. This talk focuses on the relationship…

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  • 9-Point Blog Checklist to Get Maximum Exposure on Your New Posts

    … the traffic you can get is not huge, but submitting takes no more than 15 minutes, so it’s not a big deal. There are many blogging networks around there, but I particularly suggest you the following ones: BlogEngage; Blokube; BizSugar; Inbound; GrowthHackers; Klinkk (I founded it back in 2013). The process is straight forward, you…

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  • Explode Website Traffic Today With These 36 Tutorials

    … across the internet. In fact, scratch that – you can get them all for free right here. Because in this article I’ve compiled the best website traffic generation tutorials from around the internet so you can start to attract the people your site deserves, in record time. All you have to do is read on… What You Will Learn I’ve built this list…

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  • The 7 Step Blueprint To Get Traffic To Your Blog Today

    … Look. I get it. You want to get traffic to your blog. (Just like every other Blogger on the planet) Every time you hit publish on your awesome blog, you feel like you are just talking to yourself. Yes you follow popular blogs that talk about how to grow your audience and you do everything they say, but nothing seems to work. You’ve probably…

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  • How To Create A Snapchat Marketing Strategy That Sells

    …. Okay I know you’ve heard of it. But do you know just how powerful it can be? As you sit here reading this, 150 million people are sending, receiving and creating Snapchat Stories. That’s 9,000 snaps a second! They’re sharing lives with their friends, reporting the news and connecting with their favourite brands and marketers. They’re…

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  • How To Get Followers On Twitter Free Step by Step

    … With over 320 million users, Twitter is a traffic goldmine. But it can take a lot of time and effort to build a big enough following to drive meaningful amounts of traffic. We’re talking years of dedicated effort. I thought I was doomed to buying followers from Indonesia, when thankfully I discovered a method that shot my Twitter following…

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  • How Interlinking Your Posts Can Help You Increase Your Traffic

    … SEO is a hot topic in the blogosphere. Interlinking your posts is one of the good practices you should follow to optimize your blog for search engines. This is something simple (linking one of your posts to another) and it can help you get more organic traffic and improve rankings. Below are also 4 more reasons to start adding links in your…

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