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  • How to Turn a Blog Post into a Video in 5 Minutes [Traffic Hack]

    Video marketing. Not exactly a strategy ‘near and dear’ to most marketers. As a matter of fact, when I ask my Bite-Size Traffic Hacks subscribers how many of them use video to drive more traffic and business, well… I can usually count the hands on one hand. But why? Simple: it takes time to learn how to create a video and it can easily cost thousands of dollars to hire so ...

    Ana Hoffman/ Traffic Generation Cafe- 91 readers -
  • How to Get Links and Traffic from Flickr [#TrafficHack]

    … Ahem… Is it possible that by the end of this email you’ll lose all respect for me, as in ‘Can’t believe she didn’t know that; doesn’t everyone?…’ I’ll take my chances. Up until now, I’ve been: uploading images from a newly published blog post to Flickr adding naked URLs (as in…

    Ana Hoffman/ Traffic Generation Cafein How To's- 11 readers -
  • How to Manage Twitter Like a Pro [Your Daily Twitter Routine]

    Picture this… In many ways, Twitter is not unlike projectile vomiting – a forceful and uncontrollable firehose that it is. And managing Twitter… well, it could feel like trying to take a sip from that firehose. Many of you dread Twitter for this reason alone, and I don’t blame you. So, whatever shall a marketer do? Ditch it? Out of the question, IF that’s where your target audience is.

    Ana Hoffman/ Traffic Generation Cafe- 17 readers -
  • How to Make Your Tweets More Visible [Twitter Traffic Hack]

    Twitter timeline is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, it’s raw, unabridged, always moving and shaking – we love it how it keeps us on our toes. On the other hand, it’s raw, unabridged, always moving and shaking – it’s not easy to grab someone’s attention. Here’s my personal Twitter Traffic Hack to combat the problem of Twitter visibility: Tweet in Blocks.

    Ana Hoffman/ Traffic Generation Cafe- 15 readers -
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