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    • 8 Reasons Your Travel Blog Isn’t Getting Enough Traffic

      Travel blogging seems like a dream come true for those who love both sightseeing and writing. They effectively marry their two passions while taking tax-exempt trips all over the world. Unfortunately, this isn’t a recipe for instant success. All travel blogs don’t magically get heavy traffic. You’ll spend ample time and money on your blog creation and adventures, but no one bu ...

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  • Essential Tips for Your Travel Blog

    … blog a vastly more interesting read. This made me want to know how the three towns make fun of their silly names and how they pulled out a great PR stunt. Your travel blog is your unique story that should be memorable and it’s through the details you provide that you’ll be set you apart, so you need to provide all the info. This doesn’t mean just…

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  • Writing From the Road – Make Sure You Do This!

    … One of the best things about building a business that lives online is the freedom it offers, right? I know some of you bloggers know this. I’ve seen your travel blogs, pictures of you smiling over natural wonders in Eurasia or overlooking the mighty Nile. This post is not geared toward you. This post is talking to all of the people who earn…

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  • Almost Travel Blogging: How to Be Safe and Profitable on the Road

    …-out game Ramsay. If your mind ain’t right you’ll be doomed when your day begins. Example; I have about 30 things or more to do daily while blogging from paradise. Not just online work stuff either. I’ve had to walk 5 miles daily to get my lunch and dinner in Savusavu, Fiji and in spots like Hoi An Vietnam we had to bike for about 40 minutes a day…

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  • What Makes Hotel Guests Your Most Influential Marketers

    … In the hospitality industry, guest experience, satisfaction and value are held in the highest regard. With more and more guests sharing their experiences on review sites, social media, and travel blogs, hotels are recognizing the user-generated content as marketing opportunities to leverage guest engagement and loyalty. Face it, your guests…

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  • Case Study: How I Made $3k Teaching Travel Bloggers How To Monetize Their Blogs

    … In August 2013 I launched my first ever online course called How To Make Money On Your Travel Blog (this course is no longer being offered), and recruited 17 sign ups for around $3k in profit. This might not be “big” time, but for many people an additional $3k would be a nice addition to their savings account. Additionally, as a result…

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