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  • Essential Tips for Your Travel Blog

    … Europe and Asia, she is now living in the United States currently writing on the latest technology trends for digital publications. Travel Blogger Teaches People ‘How To Move To New Zealand’ After Presidential Election The post Essential Tips for Your Travel Blog appeared first on The Blog Herald. …

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  • Writing From the Road – Make Sure You Do This!

    … One of the best things about building a business that lives online is the freedom it offers, right? I know some of you bloggers know this. I’ve seen your travel blogs, pictures of you smiling over natural wonders in Eurasia or overlooking the mighty Nile. This post is not geared toward you. This post is talking to all of the people who earn…

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  • Almost Travel Blogging: How to Be Safe and Profitable on the Road

    … keep a notebook on me during long wanders, etc. Essentially a process for maximizing the productivity around writing despite leading a not-so-normal life. Tools like Scrivener, Evernote, and a Moleskine Notebook are all my go-tos for getting this done. This is also really about knowing your business. Everyone’s is different and that means you…

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  • What Makes Hotel Guests Your Most Influential Marketers

    … In the hospitality industry, guest experience, satisfaction and value are held in the highest regard. With more and more guests sharing their experiences on review sites, social media, and travel blogs, hotels are recognizing the user-generated content as marketing opportunities to leverage guest engagement and loyalty. Face it, your guests…

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  • Case Study: How I Made $3k Teaching Travel Bloggers How To Monetize Their Blogs

    … noob (I was an expert in the information I was providing) I had very little idea on how to create and market a course and I still managed to make almost $3k (a rate of about $100/hour). Courses are an awesome way to try to make money online, and it’s worth it to try to think about your own niche and what value you can add! In 2012 David left his…

    Luke Kling- 11 readers -
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