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  • How to Travel and Blog Without Missing a Beat

    … it! Five Productivity Tips for Remote Blogging The key to traveling while blogging (not to be confused with travel blogging) is to have a good time without letting distractions hold you back. You need to find a way to keep output high, while also enjoying the scenery and being immersed in unique experiences. With that in mind, here are some tips…

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  • 4 Mistakes Newbie Travel Bloggers Make

    … will notice the difference in quality, and the photos may even be more than enough to keep readers glued to your content. These are just a few of the many mistakes that newbie travel bloggers make, but don’t limit yourself to fixing only what we’ve listed here. You’ll need to keep yourself updated with the latest trends in order to stay on the right track. Keep these in mind so that you can improve the quality of your blog and put yourself one step ahead of the competition. Author: The Blog Herald …

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  • 8 Tips to Become An Expert Travel Blogger

    …, understand the fact that every single travel blog works in a different way. Hence, something that works for your competitor might not work for you. This fact is influenced by geography, target market and of course the sort of travelling that you do. However, regardless of all variables, the above tips are deemed to help you kick start your dream profession of being a pro travel blogger. Best Travel Bloggers Dish Out Sage Advice The post 8 Tips to Become An Expert Travel Blogger appeared first on The Blog Herald. …

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  • Freelancing from Anywhere: Tips for Living and Working Abroad

    … They say travel broadens the mind. If that’s true, what better activity could a writer undertake? There’s a slight problem with travel, however—it’s expensive. If you plan to stay somewhere a while, you’ll need a steady source of income. Barring a lottery win or trust fund payout, that means you’ll need to find employment. But it isn’t exactly…

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  • Almost Travel Blogging: How to Be Safe and Profitable on the Road

    … keep a notebook on me during long wanders, etc. Essentially a process for maximizing the productivity around writing despite leading a not-so-normal life. Tools like Scrivener, Evernote, and a Moleskine Notebook are all my go-tos for getting this done. This is also really about knowing your business. Everyone’s is different and that means you…

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