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  • 8 Tips to Become An Expert Travel Blogger

    …, understand the fact that every single travel blog works in a different way. Hence, something that works for your competitor might not work for you. This fact is influenced by geography, target market and of course the sort of travelling that you do. However, regardless of all variables, the above tips are deemed to help you kick start your dream profession of being a pro travel blogger. Best Travel Bloggers Dish Out Sage Advice The post 8 Tips to Become An Expert Travel Blogger appeared first on The Blog Herald. …

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  • Freelancing from Anywhere: Tips for Living and Working Abroad

    … tips for freelancers looking to live and work abroad. Let the Currency Work For You Depending on where you’re from, your currency could be worth quite a bit when compared to that of other nations. Let this fact work for you. Maintain your home-country clients. Even if you never get a raise from any of them, simply moving to a country that has…

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  • Almost Travel Blogging: How to Be Safe and Profitable on the Road

    … Travel blogging? More like blogging while travelling. In this post I’m going to talk about how to safely and efficiently blog while on the road anywhere in the world. Once you start to take your blogging more seriously at time will come when you need to work while you’re away. It might be a holiday in India or it might just be a weekend away…

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