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  • What’s the Deal: Airbnb vs the Hotel Industry

    … There’s a new nemesis to the hotel industry and they are rapidly growing. If you haven’t heard by now, Airbnb has hoteliers flustered over the impact they’ve made in only 7 years. Over the past two years alone, the company’s value has risen over $20 Billion. As more people learn about Airbnb, hotels scramble to keep their hold on the industry…

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  • The Benefits of a Virtual Hotel Tour

    … audience to get familiar with your property is the virtual tour. Like a photo, a virtual tour shows your audience the best parts of your hotel so they can get a visual of your property. What sets the virtual tour apart from simple photos is the fact that they are three dimensional. This gives the potential guest the feeling that they are actually…

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  • Don’t Forget the Baby Boomers!

    …, the Baby Boomers plan to do the most traveling: Boomers are responsible for 80% of travel spending and spend over $150 billion a year on travel. Though Millennials are the future, Baby Boomers still play an important role in travel spending and hoteliers should work to attract more Boomers to their rooms. There are specific ways to effectively market…

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  • The Family Traveler of 2015

    … are searching for specific amenities when it comes to their lodging decision. Hoteliers must learn to market to a multi-generational audience in order to attract both parents and their children. When the kids are happy, the parents are happy. Here are a few trends and attributes of the family travelers that will help hoteliers better market their “WOW…

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  • Marketing to Tourists and Travelers

    … Over the past few years there has been a big debate over the differences between a traveler and a tourist. Some people can characterize the distinctions between travelers and tourists while others believe there are no concrete differences between the two. As a hotelier, one must recognize the variations between the two and market to each one…

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  • Now is the Time to Go Green

    … your company a competitive advantage. In the aforementioned article by the LA Times, nearly 60% of travellers plan to make an eco-friendly choice for hotel stays. Going green is also a great PR strategy that will attract more guests to lodge in your hotel. Get into the Earth Day spirit and consider ways to make your hotel better for the environment. The post Now is the Time to Go Green appeared first on E-Marketing Associates - Online Marketing Products for Independent Hotels. …

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  • Why Millennial Travelers are Important

    …, many hotels are changing their marketing strategies to cater to the needs of Millennial travelers. Don’t underestimate this generation: besides the fact that the millennial population is 80 million strong, there are a few other reasons why marketing to Millennial travelers will be advantageous for your hotel. Travel site has already…

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