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  • 8 Common SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid

    … It doesn’t matter how great your hotel’s website is or how much content you fill it with; if your SEO tactics are weak, you will not get the results you want. There are plenty of helpful articles on the internet that can teach you how to use SEO properly, but many hoteliers still make mistakes that hurt their search engine rankings. If you want…

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  • What’s the Deal: Airbnb vs the Hotel Industry

    …. Interesting Hotel Facts and Stats Global hotel industry total revenue (source) Hotel advertising spending is 19% of all online ad spending (source) $26.14 Billion worth of travel sales are made through smartphones or tablets (source) How Independent Hotels can Compete In this lodging industry war, independent hotels have it the toughest…

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  • Tips for Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy

    … By now a lot of hoteliers have started using Pinterest daily as part of their strategy for their hotels. Pinterest provides a lot of opportunities for you to potentially reach customers that you may not be able to reach under different circumstances. There a lot of ways to use Pinterest for marketing purposes, but here are a few tips that would…

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  • The Benefits of a Virtual Hotel Tour

    … standing in whatever part of the hotel there’s a virtual tour of. With a virtual tour, guests have the chance to feel what it’s like to be inside your hotel before they get there. The interactive nature of the hotel virtual tour is one of it’s biggest benefits. In the era of social media, audiences and travelers want to be able to connect…

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  • Developing your Hotel’s Content Marketing Voice

    … and personality that permeates through the content. When you discover your brand’s voice and use it properly, travelers and followers should be able to easily recognize your hotel as the creator of the content. Voice can directly alter the effect that your content has on your audience. But first, you must learn how to develop your brand’s voice. Figuring…

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  • Developing and SEO Strategy for YouTube

    … If you’re trying to get more traffic to your hotel website, posting videos on YouTube is a great way to do it. With over 30 million visitors per day, YouTube is a huge audience source that hoteliers shouldn’t miss out on. There are many types of videos hotels can post to generate attention to their sites. Once you’ve figured out what kind of video…

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  • Why you Should be Using Long Tail Keywords

    For most hoteliers, increasing their search engine ranking is highly important. It is known that, the higher your site ranks, the higher the possibility that a traveler will book directly from your site. There are plenty of tools available to help boost your website’s rank in the search results. Some of the most used tools are keywords.

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  • Semantic Search- The Future of SEO

    … The world of keywords and SEO was drastically altered when Google added the Hummingbird algorithm to their search engine in the Fall of 2013. With this new addition to their search engine formula, Google stopped basing its search results on specific keywords and instead turned its focus to Semantic Search. Instead of finding results based…

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  • Shooting Video on a Smartphone

    … If you’re running an independent hotel, chances are you don’t have a huge budget to film professional video content. Fortunately, if you’re one of the 89 million (64%) of American adults who own a smartphone, then you have a powerful camera at the tip of your fingers. Smartphone camera technology has become so advanced that it’s possible to shoot…

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  • A Few Tips on Using Instagram Ads for Hotels

    … As Instagram turns half a decade old, the amount of users using Instagram on a daily basis continues to increase, which can potentially make advertising on Instagram crucial for your hotel. If you didn’t already know, Instagram is letting the ad feature be more accessible to businesses now. There are also some pretty neat features worth…

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  • The Best YouTube Alternatives

    … audience are those looking for personal and business videos. If you want to post a great promo commercial or a video at a special event near your hotel, you can post it on Dailymotion. Because it’s based in Europe, travelers from across the ocean can easily find and view your videos. Dailymotion supports playback on all forms of digital devices and even…

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  • How to use Pinterest’s Analytics

    … Like most social media sites, Pinterest offers analytics which gives you the ability to analyze your data to help create an effective marketing strategy fit for your hotel. If you haven’t looked at your Analytics for Pinterest yet, then you should start now. You can access Pinterest Analytics by clicking here when you are signed into your account…

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  • Top 6 Video Editing Products of 2015 (Free & Paid)

    … By now hoteliers should understand the importance of using video content to marketing their property. Compelling video can influence more engagement online and bring more travelers to your website. In previous blogs, I’ve mentioned methods that professional videographers use to ensure that their videos come out looking as great as possible. Once…

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