Travelling Around The World

  • My First Month in Bangkok and Laser Eye Surgery

    … to an affiliate meet up organised by Nickycakes and a group of Internet Marketers in BKK. Seriously… I’m no food blogger, but I’ll tell you this much for free: If the opportunity arises, grab a fucking Thaiger burger and stick it in your face. You will not regret it. They are sold every day at the Game Over Lounge, which is a sort of restaurant…

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  • STM London & My Plans For March

    … In case you haven’t heard, STM Forum is holding a massive affiliate meetup in London next month. Somebody better call 8 Northumberland Avenue ahead of time — because to the unsuspecting waiter, bar man, or miscellaneous lost Japanese tourist, it’s going to be raining vast quantities of sausage from March 9th. That’s the opening night…

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  • Melting in Dubai at Adsimilis Meetup 2014

    … a company profile and fill it with recommendations from anybody who has ever worked for you. Want to distort outside perspectives? Set up fake employee profiles. There’s no doubt that scale matters at the negotiation table. The appearance of a full agency will get your foot in the door of the Advertiser’s World. 2. Refer to yourself…

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