• Being a Traveling Minimalists Gives Me True Freedom

      So I have been traveling for about 2 years in South East Asia. Currently living in the Philippines and this lifestyle is very free. I want to take this blog post and talk about how traveling and being a minimalist has helped me move so freely. The video above basically talks about minimalism. I also watched a documentary about how minimalism helps your life. It really is a good documentary.

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  • Traveling and Your Work Load – Control Your Time

    … Currently in Cambodia. I posted a while back that I am traveling Asia for a year. Integrating work and travel was a bit hard the first couple weeks. The problem I had was the transition of time from a time zone where my calls and business was centered around to a new time zone. The new time zone is also 12 hours ahead! I missed a lot of calls…

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  • Traveling in Asia for a Year, Getting Life Lessons

    … I just landed in the Philippines. I have recently decided to travel Asia for a year. Every time I travel I gain new perspective and views from other people as in their culture. This allows me to mend those ideas into my own, giving me insight on life. I have enjoyed thoughts from others from all my travels. When I traveled to Thailand, Buddhists…

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  • Stay Productive with Your Online Business While Traveling

    … As I have been traveling the past month, I am still able to keep up with my online business and still enjoy the benefits of traveling. In a November post on Web Work Travel - by the way great blog, he talks about 12 reason to have an online business and travel. These are the best 12 items to just travel. photo of our workstation… macs on macs…

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  • Entrepreneur Travels: Colombia, My First Week

    …. But I also travel smart. I am here for a month and all I brought is what I can fit in my carry on luggage. That is how I travel and the best way to travel. Currently, I rented a penthouse with a couple entrepreneurs to do some work and also have fun while we are out here. Being in the city center gives us aspect of the city life. But I also like…

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