• IKEA Place Is Revolutionizing Retail Through Augmented Reality

      Augmented Reality may seem like it’s all fun and games, but IKEA’s new AR app, IKEA Place, is proving that this technology has practical business applications as well. IKEA Place was launched in September 2017 with the release of iOS 11. The app was built on Apple’s ARKit, a framework that allows developers to create augmented reality apps for iPhone and iPad.

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    • The High Five: top search trends this week

      Here are a few of the week’s most searched trends, with data from the Google News Lab. California wildfires On Sunday night, devastating wildfires began in Sonoma and other parts of California, causing tens of thousands of people to evacuate and killing at least 30. While emergency responders are still working to contain the fires, people searched for more information: “Whe ...

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  • What are Accelerated Mobile Pages and Why Should You Care?

    … Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP pages, if you will) are a Google project intended to speed up the loading time of web pages on mobile devices. Beyond improving SEO (search engine optimization), and beyond being “mobile friendly,” the idea behind AMP is to make sure your site loads super fast on mobile devices. But if you haven’t done anything…

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  • The High Five: this week’s trends have a sweet tooth

    … A celebrity baby on the way, a sidelined NBA player, and ice cream for dessert: here’s a look at the week’s top-searched trends, with data from the Google News Lab. Sing us a lullaby, you’re the Piano Man Search interest in “Billy Joel age” went up nearly 8,000 percent this week after it was announced that the 68-year-old musician and his…

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  • Shields are in, brooms are out: this year's top Halloween costume trends

    … What are you dressing up as this year? Every Halloween, people across the United States turn to Google to search for what to wear on the spookiest night of the year. And with our tool Frightgeist, you’ll get a view of Halloween costume trends across the U.S., and you can see the most-searched costumes near you (and avoid those embarrassing…

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  • Here’s Why User Generated Content Is So Successful

    … into their advertising which solidified authenticity and showed consumers what their hotels really stand for. So it's clear that when user generated campaigns are done properly they can shine an extremely positive and authentic light onto a business. In the world of social media, consumers are looking to see authenticity, and there’s no better way of showcasing this than having the users themselves share why they love a brand/business. …

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  • The High Five: what people are searching this week

    … Here are a few of the week’s top-searched trends, with data from the Google News Lab. Las Vegas Many are still coming to terms with the tragic Las Vegas shooting that claimed the lives of 59 people and injured hundreds more. A few of the most-searched questions about the shooting were “What gun was used in the Las Vegas shooting?” “How long did…

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  • Faster Deeper

    … fast, where are we going? How do we know we’re in the right place? What can we learn if everything is moving whipsaw like it is? Deeper The strange intersecting trend is that it’s become more and more okay to be the real you. At the very same time a raft of tools has arrived to show off idealized versions of our lives, people are seeking out…

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  • The High Five: insights on the top search trends of the week

    … This week people searched for free coffee, the death of a media mogul, help with IKEA tasks and new wheels from Ford. And as Puerto Rico reels from the devastation of Hurricane Maria, people want to know how they can help. Here are the top trends of the week, with data from Google News Lab. Hurricane Maria Puerto Rico continues to grapple…

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  • The High Five: top searches from the week of August 28

    … Hurricane Harvey This week, attention in the U.S. turned to Hurricane Harvey and its devastating impact in Texas and Louisiana. People are searching for how to help, as well as for information about future storm Hurricane Irma—which was upgraded to a Category 3 and is moving across the Atlantic. The top queries regarding the storm were “How…

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  • The High Five: looking up, growing up and still dancing

    … Will Taylor Swift’s new album eclipse all others? Did I permanently damage my eyeballs this week? How did Patrick Swayze pull off that lift dance move? We had a lot of questions this week—check out some of the week’s top-searched trends. Eyes on the sky On Monday, some searched the sky for the eclipse while others searched on Google: “Where…

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  • What’s New In The World Of Web Development: Trends To Pay Attention To

    … Staying afloat in today’s digital marketplace requires your website to make good use of technology and design trends. But you can’t consider design trends without development. Website development—the coding and the programming behind the design—is what brings a site’s design elements to life. And in 2017, it’s equally as important that your team…

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  • The High Five: A GOAT, a pig and a calf

    … A GOAT, a pig and a calf walk into a barn … and you get a few of the most popular searches from this week. GOAT = greatest of all time Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady is taking a pass at writing. The cover of his first book—which explains how Brady has stayed in wicked good shape throughout his career—was revealed this week. Brady’s big four…

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