• How to Use Click Bait Titles for SEO

    … “You’ll never guess why a certain SEO company decided to do…” I’m certain that you’ve encountered these types of links or posts on your preferred social media service and you may have clicked on them once or twice. These are called click baits and they are designed to prey on people’s innate state of eternal curiosity. Click baits are often…

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  • From Coffee To Content: Finding My Creative Tribe

    … to work with words, to apply my creativity in a professional capacity. Belonging We all seek acceptance. It is a human need, to belong somewhere; to make connections based on common experience and through this find yourself one part of something bigger. The café worked because of this sense of community. During trading hours everyone had a station…

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  • Tribe Launches Private Social Video Network on iOS

    … on the screen to share “love” with their friends, in a similar fashion to sharing hearts on the live-streaming app Periscope. Friends can also “whistle” at their friends via the app, encouraging them to upload a new video. These whistles, or nudges, can only be sent once an hour. When posting new videos, these overwrite those that were previously shared…

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