Triggered Emails

  • Go Big with a Triggered Email Strategy to Drive Sky-High ROI

    … Triggered emails are a great way to engage customers and drive sales, but misconceptions about what constitutes a trigger and how to implement them keep some marketers from taking full advantage of the tactic. What is a Triggered Email? At its most basic level, a trigger is an automated response, like an auto-generated birthday greeting from…

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  • Triggered Emails: Do You Know These 21 Profitable Techniques?

    … It hurts to lose a sale. Sometimes it’s not even your fault, just bad luck. But what about sales you lose because you never made an offer? Ouch, that’s different — there’s no one to blame but the person in the mirror. Here are the most popular ways to use triggered emails to grab extra sales. Some techniques are quick and easy. Some take a little…

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