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  • Forget the Super Bowl—On the Internet, Your Ad Is Forever

    … with their performance on YouTube. Top Ten AD METER – USA Today Video Buzz – TriVu 1 Budweiser – Lost Dog Budweiser – Lost Dog 2 Always – Like a Girl Super Cell – Clash of Clans 3 Fiat- Blue Pill Bud Light – PacMan 4 Microsoft – Tech Helps BMW i3 – Newfangled Idea 5 Doritos – Middle Seat Mercedes – Fable 6 Dodge – 100 Years Snickers – Brady Brunch 7…

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  • 5 Reasons Why YouTube Crashing the Super Bowl Matters to Advertisers

    … joining him. Here’s a notable stat that promises a strong audience for the show: a whopping 60 million people subscribe to the participating stars’ channels! “YouTube is not only hijacking the halftime audience, it’s doing something far more profound: it’s splitting viewer attention,” said Paul Calento, co-founder of Adknowledge’s TriVu Media…

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  • Making Super Bowl Advertising Work on YouTube

    … the $4.5 million cost was “a steal” and actually worth more like $10 million because of the social media buzz Super Bowl advertising generates. Perhaps. We’re certainly not making a case that the brands footing the bill for the commercials are wasting their money; after all, it is their money. But some forward-thinking advertisers are starting to see…

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