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  • Forget the Super Bowl—On the Internet, Your Ad Is Forever

    … with their performance on YouTube. Top Ten AD METER – USA Today Video Buzz – TriVu 1 Budweiser – Lost Dog Budweiser – Lost Dog 2 Always – Like a Girl Super Cell – Clash of Clans 3 Fiat- Blue Pill Bud Light – PacMan 4 Microsoft – Tech Helps BMW i3 – Newfangled Idea 5 Doritos – Middle Seat Mercedes – Fable 6 Dodge – 100 Years Snickers – Brady Brunch 7…

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  • 5 Reasons Why YouTube Crashing the Super Bowl Matters to Advertisers

    … As we have all heard by now, YouTube announced last week that it will be hosting its own Super Bowl half time show—sans Katy Perry. Here are five reasons marketers should take notice: 1 Harley Morenstein, creator of the YouTube show “Epic Meal Time” will host YouTube’s halftime show, with fellow YouTube celebs like Freddie Wong and Toby Turner…

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  • Making Super Bowl Advertising Work on YouTube

    … the $4.5 million cost was “a steal” and actually worth more like $10 million because of the social media buzz Super Bowl advertising generates. Perhaps. We’re certainly not making a case that the brands footing the bill for the commercials are wasting their money; after all, it is their money. But some forward-thinking advertisers are starting to see…

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