Truth Theory

Truth is most often used to mean in accord with fact or reality, or fidelity to an original or to a standard or ideal.The commonly understood opposite of truth is falsehood, which, correspondingly, can also take on a logical, factual, or ethical meaning. The concept of truth is discussed and debated in several contexts, including philosophy and religion. Many human activities depend upon the concept, where it is assumed rather than being a subject of discussion; these include science, law, and everyday life.Various theories and views of truth continue to be debated among scholars, philosophers, and theologians.
Posts about Truth Theory
  • Long Tail CTR Study: The Forgotten Traffic Beyond Top 10 Rankings

    … and devices. Google’s Zero Moment of Truth theory (ZMOT), which describes a revolution in the way consumers search for information online, supports this idea and predicts that we can expect the number of times natural search is involved on the path to a conversion to get higher and higher. Understanding how people interact with Google and other search…

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  • Mission ImposSERPble 3: We Need to Think beyond The Top 10!

    … from mobile devices will be vital as the mobile search revolution continues. It was interesting to see that the click curve remained very similar to our desktop curve. Despite the lack of screen real estate, searchers are clearly motivated to scroll below the fold and beyond the top 10. NetBooster CTR curves for top 30 organic positions Position…

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