In mathematics, computer science, linguistics, and philosophy a tuple is an ordered list of elements. In set theory, an (ordered) -tuple is a sequence (or ordered list) of elements, where is a non-negative integer. There is only one 0-tuple, an empty sequence. An -tuple is defined inductively using the construction of an ordered pair. Tuples are usually written by listing the elements within parentheses "" and separated by commas; for example, denotes a 5-tuple. Sometimes other delimiters are used, such as square brackets "" or angle brackets "". Braces "" are almost never used for tuples, as they are the standard notation for sets.
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  • Google’s Query Language

    … in a Fact Repository The fact repository contains objects and collects facts about them. Each object contains unique IDs, each fact about an object contains a Fact ID, an attribute, and a value. Notice that both Objects and facts have unique IDs. The index maintains a term index, which maps terms to {object, fact, field, token) tuples, where “field…

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    … and their authors (5 books) into a database called the Web, and finding other web sites with those books, and learning about the different patterns of titles and authors where those are listed, and then scraping similar “tuples” or patterns of objects (books) and their facts (titles) and (authors) on all those pages and learning about other patterns…

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