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    • If the Gym Fits, Reserve It — Startup Makes It Easy to Never Miss a Workout

      How many times have you been stuck in traffic trying to get to the gym before the window closes and you need to be at work or home for dinner? I’m betting for many of you it’s a lot — certainly is for me. But suppose that gym on the other side of a sea of taillights was suddenly at the next off ramp? And, for that matter, the next ramp as well? What if it was at all of them? ...

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    • Friends Don’t Let Friends Dial Drunk — There’s a ‘Mode’ for That

      I can’t say I’m proud of working my way through the vices in this column. But if I do get to sloth, please somebody stop me. Let’s see, there was that time I wrote about an app to help you party and hook up with foreigners when you travel. Then of course I helped you get your high on with an app that led you by the nose to the nearest dispensary.

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  • CloudSponge: Soaking Up Your Contacts to Connect You Anywhere

    … cases such as new-user on-boarding, finding friends on a platform, improving the usability of referral forms and a bunch of other common use cases. Our pedigree is in software development, so getting good at marketing and sales has been a challenge for us. How many customers utilize the product? Please talk about a couple, including Nextdoor…

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  • Voice Bots Have One Big Problem: Human Behavior

    …, amplifying its utility, is a world away from saying into the air anything approaching the personal. Don’t believe me? Look up from your device right now and say aloud “what does a herpes rash feel like?” You get the point. Again, I think we’re surely moving in the direction of voice input to bots, but until microphones advance — allowing you to request…

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  • Google Analytics for Brick-and-Mortar? Spatially Targets Where to Set Up Shop

    … Creating a business is harder than you think. Even if you’ve done it before, your recollections are likely whitewashed by a self-preserving subconscious — a salve to the many pains of creating something from nothing and trying to keep it upright. When you own your own business, you worry about everything — from making payroll, covering inventory…

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  • Post in the Machine: How Blockast is Taking a Shot at Local News Collection

    … Were I to count the ways mainstream news outlets, hyperlocals and other hopefuls have tried to tackle the challenge of successfully covering local news for a mobile audience (which is to say… everyone), I’d need more hands. This is not to imply prior efforts have been in vain. Rather, for me, it’s evidence this nut is far from cracked…

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  • The Buzz on Wikileaf: Compare Pot Prices Then Map a Route to Your Next High

    … A GasBuddy for pot? Why not? At least that seems to be the conclusion of one Seattle-based entrepreneur, whose location-based pricing-and-reviews service wants a slice of what he estimates will be an $8 billion industry in 2017. Dan Nelson started Wikileaf as a guide for those looking to legally purchase marijuana (in all its forms) and become…

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  • Mobile 1.0 Had Its Own Uber: Recalling the Birth of the Future

    … car virtually using their cellphones. E-Hailing Gets its Start The company was called Qsent and they had been working on a mobile-phone version of a service called iQtaxi that would allow users to navigate menus and tap to have a cab or black car dispatched to their location — 10 years before Uber was born. Granted, this was before the days of GPS…

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  • Pingup and EatStreet Set the Table for Simple Digital Food Ordering

    … Pingup and EatStreet Set the Table for Simple Digital Food Ordering September 27, 2016 by Rick Robinson Leave a Comment Filed Under: Turf Talk Ordering dinner is getting a little bit easier. Two powerhouses in the chain that links that Chicken Phad Thai to the plate on your table are partnering to simplify the process of actually getting…

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  • App Connects Travelers With Revelers, Parties Ensue

    … beers, but certainly a party. Thanks to the recently refreshed app Party with a Local, this lonely planet of ours may become just a bit less so, or a least more social. That is if Dan Fennessy, Cofounder and CEO of the Amsterdam-based company, has his way. “The idea for Party with a Local came from my own experiences of finding that a night out…

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  • Can Augmented VR Turn Window Shoppers Into Buyers?

    … For starters, nobody wants to wear the headgear — those myriad virtual reality headsets that open a second life for our senses. Heck, people wouldn’t even wear the slender Google Glass to achieve an augmentation of their reality. As for the gamers and experiential entertainment enthusiasts, they’ll likely suffer the headsets just fine — during…

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  • Local Loyalty: Klosebuy Plans to Bring Powerful Marketing to Main Street

    … I’ve never really taken advantage of loyalty programs — at least not those that require me to do more than verbally communicate a number, like I do at my grocery store. Cards, coupons and their ilk (even when digitized) seem to slip into a clutter of potential savings that I have never seemed to tidy. But that’s me, and that was then. New…

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  • TRAY Cooks Up Ways to Make Restaurant Checkout More Mobile and Social

    … of our partners use more than one of our products together, and any business can benefit from our lighting-fast, easy-to-use terminals. On your site you note ‘In several of our case studies we found that TRAY pays for itself in the first few months’ … Could you talk a little more about the economics there? Philippe: Absolutely. We provide our…

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  • Your Local Broadcast: Centric Finds the Cameras in Your Neighborhood

    … you might not usually see, we’re targeting you. Talk about the current feeds driving the app and future potentials The app hast two main feeds: one a “local” feed that’s searchable by radius and [another] global which is all the latest clips from everywhere on the platform, and can be searched by text. Users can upload their own content…

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  • Picking the Locksmiths: Bizyhood Unlocks the ‘Ghosts in the Data’ Problem

    … What would you do if you wanted to game Google into thinking you’ve got a vast network of local shops servicing area customers based on their search queries? No need to ask as some sharpies have already figured it out, according to a recent New York Times report. It seems the answer is to become a ghost — or thousands of them. Google acknowledges…

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  • Will an ‘Internet of People’ Threaten the On-Demand Heavies and Give Power to SMBs?

    … (or people offering services) to talk directly to one another and pay for services using the likes of Bitcoin. Imagine an on-demand service that requires no proprietary app to engage — food delivery for instance. Just tap into the Fermat’s own app which opens a field of options including white-label tools created by Fermat’s network of developers, each…

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