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    • Pingup and EatStreet Set the Table for Simple Digital Food Ordering

      Pingup and EatStreet Set the Table for Simple Digital Food Ordering September 27, 2016 by Rick Robinson Leave a Comment Filed Under: Turf Talk Ordering dinner is getting a little bit easier. Two powerhouses in the chain that links that Chicken Phad Thai to the plate on your table are partnering to simplify the process of actually getting it there.

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  • App Connects Travelers With Revelers, Parties Ensue

    … So you’re finally taking that big trip to Athens, Greece — the one you’ve talked about ever since daydreaming over pictures in a fifth-grade history book. You’ve got mental sketches of the incredible sights waiting to be colored in by reality: The Acropolis! The Parthenon! Zeus’s Temple! Beers with Mary! Wait, what? Well, maybe not necessarily…

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  • Can Augmented VR Turn Window Shoppers Into Buyers?

    … For starters, nobody wants to wear the headgear — those myriad virtual reality headsets that open a second life for our senses. Heck, people wouldn’t even wear the slender Google Glass to achieve an augmentation of their reality. As for the gamers and experiential entertainment enthusiasts, they’ll likely suffer the headsets just fine — during…

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  • Local Loyalty: Klosebuy Plans to Bring Powerful Marketing to Main Street

    …) loyalty platform called Klosebuy, Fennell admitted that he could be verbose — especially when “talking about my baby!” He was right: A comprehensive, easy to use, self-administered business-building platform designed for small to medium companies. Through web and mobile technologies, Klosebuy is an affordable digital marketing and closed…

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  • TRAY Cooks Up Ways to Make Restaurant Checkout More Mobile and Social

    … Dauman Jr. (COO). Their growing 12-person startup is seeking to reinvent service businesses for both customers and proprietors by bringing a different experience to the table. With backgrounds from MIT to Google & Twitter, the team has been working three years to deliver a cloud-based “self-service checkout made easy” by providing a suite…

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  • Your Local Broadcast: Centric Finds the Cameras in Your Neighborhood

    … you might not usually see, we’re targeting you. Talk about the current feeds driving the app and future potentials The app hast two main feeds: one a “local” feed that’s searchable by radius and [another] global which is all the latest clips from everywhere on the platform, and can be searched by text. Users can upload their own content…

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  • Picking the Locksmiths: Bizyhood Unlocks the ‘Ghosts in the Data’ Problem

    … is suddenly very expensive and not so nice. As I said, these folks are shrewd. Now one startup is taking the practice on by combing their data (from two of the four major data aggregators) and painstakingly removing the offenders. Surely they aren’t alone in the fight but Bizyhood is an example of a small startup trying to deliver the best result…

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  • Will an ‘Internet of People’ Threaten the On-Demand Heavies and Give Power to SMBs?

    … (or people offering services) to talk directly to one another and pay for services using the likes of Bitcoin. Imagine an on-demand service that requires no proprietary app to engage — food delivery for instance. Just tap into the Fermat’s own app which opens a field of options including white-label tools created by Fermat’s network of developers, each…

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  • Inevitably, There’s a ‘Bot of Bots’ Pointing Up Local Services

    … If Facebook’s bot-centric announcements this week served as the call to arms to anyone hoping for a more automated future, one response came from a couple guys in New York arming up in a rather meta way. Brothers Pablo and Omar Pera launched — what else? — a “bot of bots” called Bot Hunter. “We thought what a better way to discover new bots than…

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  • TableHero Serves Up Restaurants, But Can it Be the OS of Local?

    … in their lifecycle to what would become the largest technology exit in India’s history: $450 million to SnapDeal. Ubhi next went on to spend two years at Amazon Web Services working in their startup team with early stage startups. Recently, with two friends from FreeCharge, Ubhi took $1 million in seed money and founded TableHero, a site builder and more…

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  • Augmenting the Local Shopping Reality

    … “an essential and rewarding part of the shopping experience.” “In the long term we aim to make the product even more useful to shoppers and retailers, by understanding the personal needs, requirements and data of each shopper, and relaying useful real time information to the retailer(s).” Dann is currently in product expansion talks with mainly UK…

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  • Bot Local: Making Appointments Is Getting a Lot More Fun

    … it: quickly, simply, without the overhead of an app, and without humans in the chain of communication. And it’s that kind of user that booking platform Pingup seems to be targeting with its upcoming “Appointments Anywhere” release. Already powering the booking of appointments (sort of Mad Lib-style — see an example here) in numerous outlets such as YP…

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  • /Local: ‘Slashing’ the Local Web Into Tiny Nearby Slices

    How does a guy go from talking to Martha Stewart about the complex Federal spending data-viz he created to launching an endeavor that entirely rethinks local in the digital realm? Silos. Designer Jess Bachman recently found himself working at home (a well-known, self-taught designer with a past at Mint and Visual.

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  • After School, Generation Z, and the Localization of Anonymous Expression

    … the burgeoning locally focused microsites. We’ve all seen the behavior of our friends on these threads, where they move from sensible people to trolls following some antagonistic exchange. Again, people devolve. And if you think adults in those arenas carry themselves with an odd otherness you oughta see the kids. And perhaps you have: JuicyCampus, Yik…

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  • Turf Talk Redux: Looking for the Future in Companies, People, and Products

    … Turf Talk Redux: Looking for the Future in Companies, People, and Products January 12, 2016 by Rick Robinson Leave a Comment Filed Under: Turf Talk I like to be a little out in front of things. Not too far (hyperloops) and not too close (digital couponing). In my writing about local marketing and media (both here at Street Fight…

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