Turn-By-Turn Directions

Turn-by-turn navigation is a feature of some GPS navigation devices where directions for a selected route are continually presented to the user in the form of spoken and visual instructions. The system keeps the user up-to-date about the best route to the destination, and is often updated according to changing factors such as traffic and road conditions. Turn-by-turn systems typically use an electronic voice to inform the user whether to turn left or right, the street name, and how much distance to the turn.
Posts about Turn-By-Turn Directions
  • Google Maps Update Makes Cities More Searchable

    …, as the version 4.2.0 for iOS will allow users to filter restaurant searches based on cuisine. The update also allows users to share directions via a drop-down menu in the top right corner of the app that sends turn-by-turn directions via SMS to their Google contacts within the app. Related articles Directions can also be saved in phone calendars for later. Users can also add pins to the origin and destination during navigation. …

    Emily Alford/ Search Engine Watchin Google- 8 readers -
  • GM Puts Local Search in the Driver's Seat With AtYourService

    … partnered with RetailMeNot to offer drivers deals on local goods and services. To use AtYourService, drivers touch the OnStar button located on the rearview mirror of GM vehicles to reach an OnStar representative who acts as a concierge, guiding drivers with turn-by-turn directions to stores, restaurants, gas stations, and more. If drivers request…

    Emily Alford/ Search Engine Watch- 6 readers -
  • Killer App? Why Not Just Kill The App

    … a little older than the general population, but definitely run from ages 12 all the way up to mid-80s. They are spread all over the United States — probably a little heavier in the northeast, Texas and California — and all across the socioeconomic spectrum (college kids to millionaires). So, while I did collect over 100 different responses, I know…

    Aaron Strout/ Marketing Landin Social Google Facebook Twitter YouTube- 27 readers -
  • How Will Apple Watch Handle Local Search?

    After years of speculation, Apple finally unveiled its smartwatch on September 9, 2014. The simply named Apple Watch, and not the widely assumed iWatch, will arrive in early in 2015, and is expected to retail at $350. Because it’s an Apple product, you can expect a plethora of popular features that could make the Apple Watch a game-changer in the world of wearable tech.

    Albert Costill/ Search Engine Journal- 10 readers -
  • MapQuest’s New Commute App Helps Optimize Drive Times

    … for alternate routing and turn-by-turn directions. MapQuest’s Brian McMahon told me in email that Commute is something of an experiment. The company is trying to determine how much demand exists and whether to include Commute’s functionality in the main MapQuest app. He added that the company has a number of feature and improvements planned…

    Greg Sterling/ Search Engine Landin SEO- 5 readers -
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