• 10 Easy Tips for Professional Audio Quality

    … I started working with podcasts because I was an avid podcast listener. I would be listening to a conversation, hanging on every word, and then it would happen: the guest would bump his mic at the exact moment when he said the one thing I wanted to hear, and I’d miss out. Our content should connect and engage, not frustrate and push away…

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  • I Just Opened Enrollment For My New SEO Training Course…

    … Something pretty rare just happened. Earlier this morning I opened public enrollment to my first training & certification program. The certification program brings you into the the inner circle of teaching and shows you how to take full control of your traffic and search engine rankings once and for all. It has taken me nearly 12 months…

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  • How To Seriously Increase Your Websites Serach Traffic

    … Home > Tutorials > How To Seriously Increase Your Websites Serach Traffic How To Seriously Increase Your Websites Serach Traffic Matthew Woodward Published on May 31, 2017 Tutorials PLEASE SHARE I have just released the second video in my training series that shows you how to seriously increase the traffic of any website simply…

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  • The Link Building Strategy Behind These 3 Incredible SEO Case Studies

    I am going to release a 100% free video training series that will change the way you do SEO forever. I know that is a bold claim to make: But I am going to teach you the critical link building strategy behind some of the most competitive niches in SEO. Not only that but I going to show you how you can apply that strategy to your site for a huge increase in traffic in any niche.

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  • The Content Optimization Hack to Double Your Blog’s Traffic

    … Do you know how much traffic you are losing if you are ignoring content optimization? This post shows how Linkody nearly doubled its blog’s traffic in one month. Most of us tend to produce content, do some quick marketing and then forget about the content we worked so hard on. That’s a lot of traffic down the drain. What if I told you…

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  • 3 Ways to Get What You Want by Doing Your Homework

    … Polly Professional has a lot going on today. She has a blog post due, a podcast script to write, an employee review to conduct, two client meetings, and she’s meeting her cousin Penny for dinner. And then it comes. Ding. An email from Steve Stranger. Maybe he’s a sales pro trying to set up a “quick meeting to discuss his company’s solutions…

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  • Profitable Kindle Keyword Research – Finding The Next Best Seller On Amazon

    …, then it is not worth spending any time creating a book around. The first thing to do in order to make sure your book idea stands a good chance of making you money is to verify the following: Type the keyword phrase you have already validated via KW Finder or Google Keyword Planner into the Kindle store on Amazon. Choose the top 14 books…

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