• How Live Video Helps Your SEO

      Live video streaming on the internet has been around for a long time, with some of the first attempts being done during the 90s. As the technology improved over the years, it has become another key element in the internet user experience. At present, numerous websites and platforms have utilized it to full effect, resulting to high viewership numbers and traffic.

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    • Game On: The Best SEO Strategies for Gaming Sites

      Video games have become one of the most popular forms of media over the past few decades, with videogame consoles becoming a household staple. One of the factors that affected its rapid growth was the emergence of the internet. In fact, gaming searches account for a good amount of search queries on a regular basis.

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  • Live Streaming Trends and Statistics

    …% after mimicking Snapchat’s live streaming features. YouTube Live – While over a billion people use YouTube, I don’t believe YouTube Live is seen as a social live-streaming destination at this point. Live streaming is only for verified channels and an optional mobile live stream is available only once you have 1,000 subscribers. Real-time comments…

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  • Livestreaming vs. Live Broadcasting: A Necessary Introduction

    … a digital entertainment career. How does that differ from livestreaming, Meerkat and Facebook Live? The biggest thing is in figuring out how to provide all people an incentive to go live. One step is to take gaming elements and make live broadcasting a game around leveling up and earning unique items. The other step is to add a financial incentive…

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  • Branded Content & Online Video: Top Takeaways from Three Industry Leaders

    … Branded content has been a hot topic in 2016 and it's not slowing down. The space is growing, creating infinite viewing options across all major platforms. Tubular Labs hosted a panel at the Twitch headquarters to learn from the perspectives of three industry leaders who have quickly become thought leaders in the topic of branded content…

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  • Justin Kan Launches Whale Video Q&A App

    … will receive money. Users receive a few coins for free when they sign up for Whale, and they can purchase additional Whale Coins via in-app purchase. In a post on Product Hunt, Kan explained the inspiration behind Whale: The point of Whale is to solve my own problems with video Q&A. I’ve been giving entrepreneurship/startup/life advice on Snapchat…

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  • 5 Tips to Grow from Livestreamer to Broadcaster

    … Live internet video content is changing the way we consume media. This new brand of media, known as “streaming,” is knocking down barriers that have kept traditional media as something of a closed ecosystem. Platforms like Twitch and YouTube have made it easier than ever for anyone with a camera and microphone–or even simply a laptop–to create…

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  • Is It Time to Standardize Disclosure for Sponsored Content?

    … With the increased focus on influencer marketing comes the conversation of disclosure. In recent years, many services, from Twitch to Wikipedia, have had to deal with sponsored posts and the Federal Trade Commission‘s disclosure rules. The current conversation revolves around celebrity endorsement and the need for a simple, universal…

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  • Gen Con 2016: MetaArcade Debuts Tunnels & Trolls Mobile Prototype

    …, if people are successful at writing their own narrative, that MetaArcade can give them a new job—where that becomes what they do. In the same way that Twitch has allowed certain people to become streamers for a living or WordPress allows people to become bloggers for a living. You could always do those things, but you had to have a certain amount…

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  • Twitch to Expand Cheering Beta to Partnered Channels in U.S., U.K.

    … Twitch announced that it will expand its Cheering beta to all partnered channels in the U.S. and U.K. Aug. 4. The cheering system allows viewers to support their favorite streamers by posting special messages containing premium Bits in the streamers’ chat windows. Users must purchase Bits before they can share them. Bits are available…

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  • How Snapchat Helped Trigger the Live-Streaming Arms Race

    … You read the news: Facebook pays celebrities millions of dollars to use Facebook Live. YouTube has brought “live” to mobile. Amazon bought Twitch for almost $1 billion. Twitter has been acquiring more tools to help with Periscope and live streaming. People have been horrifyingly shot or even killed while broadcasting via Facebook Live. Live…

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  • Twitch Launches Friends Feature on iOS, Android

    … Featured Jobs Senior Account Executive Vanguard Communications of Falls Church, Inc. Washington D.C. Senior Director, Product Marketing Pipedrive New York City, New York Freelancer - Young Adult Website Content Creator Harry N. Abrams New York City, New York Consumer Account Manager – Healthcare Public Relations Pascale Communications, LLC…

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  • Launches Social Network for Gamers on iOS, Android

    … content to their profiles for others to view. The app includes a database of more than 50,000 game pages, allowing users to browse content related to specific games and like games within the app, as well as to post “now playing” updates by tagging their current games. As a social network, users can follow others and view their new posts…

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